INTERVIEW: Prema Smith

Hi Prema, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I‘ve been really good thank. Very busy but good.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “End of Time”?

My latest single End Of Time I wrote about 7 years ago, when I was living in Tasmania. I wanted to get this song professionally recorded since day one but never really thought that I would. Then 3 years ago  I met this producer in my café, I still work at now. I told him how I have this song and he said book in a 2 day session and we will record it. In 2 days we recorded the whole song and that was 3 years ago April 2014. I was going to release as soon as I recorded it but I really wanted to shoot a music vid for it. But I didn’t know how exactly how I was going to do that, Took 3 years of thinking and work shopping ideas  then Finally on the 7th February 2017 I filmed a music video at fox studios  and released on the debut single on  the 14th of February for Valentines days.

It was crazy how it all came together, I didn’t really have much of a budget but I new that I wanted the video to be beautiful and to look amazing. I put an add out looking for a Contemporary/ Balled dancer and had an audition process till I found the perfect dancer. Then for about 3 weeks she and I rehearsed like crazy to come up with a 4 minute dance for the whole song. Then a week before shooting the location I wanted to use, I got a phone call from my DOP (director of Photography) of the price and it was way too expensive. So literally 7 days before the shoot at 2 am Im googling places, when I come across this beautiful Building called The Byran Keneddy Hall at Fox studios. I knew straight away that I wanted to shoot it there. So the next day I rang the place up and asked to speak to the manager of the hall, but he wasn’t there. They told me to just send him an email but I suck at sending emails so I just waited for couple more hours and rang again. He wasn’t at his desk and the ady told me just to email him.

Then I rang again and again still no answer from him. I remember looking at my watch and it was like 4;15 and I knew it would take me 45 mins to walk to fox studios.  So thought id try catch this guy before he left work. I got there like 5pm and he was just about to leave and I introduced my self and asked him if I could have 15 mins of his time. I asked him how much it was to hire that room and he said it was $5000 for the day plus 3000 bond plus 1000 for a security plus 1000 to buff the floor next day as this building was heritage listed and 20million libility insurance. My jaw dropped and I told the guy I couldnt offord that. I spent 1 hour with him telling all about my story what I wanted to do with my life all the people I want to help what I have achieved at a young age. And at the end he asked how much I could afford and I said 1000 and he gave it to me for that and gave me security for free. Then I organized a violinist, I had this vision of having a beautiful violinist playing in the background.

Then I had to organize a dress for my dancer, I rang heaps of places asked if they would like to do any product placement and show off one of their designs. No one really got back to me. So I went shopping by myself and went to a 100 different female clothes stores. After 6 hours I found this beautiful orange dress. 3 days later we shot the film clip.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

 I was in spired by my partner at the time she was the most beautiful human  being I had ever met. I brought a restaurant When I was 20 and I was sitting in there one night after closing and the first verse came to me. I  was thinking about how my partner and I met. You see it took me one full year just to get her attention and for her to say yes to me for dinner date.  I had to try every trick in the book to get her to finally say yes!! Any way that night in the restaurant I started writing the first verse on a napkin and went home and sung it to her and she cried and I decided that I would write the whole song on behalf of my love for her. But also on behalf of everyman who truly loves a woman. The basis of my song is that a real man isn’t a man who can buy expensive gifts and wool a woman with charming words and real man is a man who doesn’t have to be the richest or smartest but a man who devotes his love only to one woman with purity and honsesty. And that’s all most woman want to. Plus it was a lot about me and my true vulnerabilities, I’m not that smart and Im certainly not finacialy well off and cant promise the world to a girl but what I do promise and what I can give is my love and commintment and all of me and love her till we both pass this world. That’s what the  songs is about for me.

How was the film experience?

The filming experience was crazy!! First of all we had a massive thunder storm and that came with torrential rain!! We were 1 hour behind our arrival time for the location. Cause it was raining so hard we had to cancel our other 3 locations. Then the Hall we had started leaking and 1/5 of the place started flooding. Then my make up artist was stuck in a car accident and she was 3 hours late. But part from all that everything went beautiful, untill we realized that we didn’t have any lighting or sound in this hall. Having no sound made it really hard to do our choreography piece  to the words of the song. So I pulled a part a fire extinguisher and used the nozel part as a sub and stuck the iphone inside and that’s what we used as our speaker and music. All the ideas I had invisioned for the film clip went totally out of the window. But we worked 12 hard  hours and filmed what became something I was very proud of. This was all shot on the 7 of February and it had to be edited and put together and ready to be released in 7 days. But I was in the middle of filming a TV show  which was 6 days of filming.I couldn’t spend much time on it. I literally had to trust my DOP to do the work in 2 days. And that was that.  14th of February I released at 6 pm for Valentines day

How was the recording and writing process?  

The recording process was awesome I had all the sound and instrumental ideas in my head then spent 28 hours in the studio with my producer recording. The only bad part was that I had a terrible flu and was such a struggle to sing the first day but the second day I was bit better and I just gave all I had. We argued a lot me an my producer, now come to think of it, I really wanted this song to be really beautiful and sensualate real love. I wanted it to have beautiful 80s feel to it like an old skewl love ballad. I originally wanted to get a full piece orchestral to play but limited budget lol

What role does Australia plays in your music?

Australia plays a big role in Music for me, I aspire to be the number 1 Pop RnB artist in Australia. I aspire to bring that James brown Bruno Mars and Usher flavor to Australian charts. By 2018 I am inspired to win an Aria Award. This year I want to get signed by a label and really hit the charts, its financially hard as an independent Artist but that’s why I still work 50 hours a week to fund what I love.  Australia doesn’t really have that Bruno Mars that Usher that Justin Timberlake style of Artist that are huge around the word and well thas what I am aiming to bring to Australia Music Charts and World charts.

How does your acting background influence your music and the other way around?  

Australia is very anglo saxon when it comes to Tv and Media. I know that very few directors are casting someone of my look to mainstream tv. So that’s where from a business background and Idea I decided to pursue my music career and try be the face to Pop RnB I  Australia.  And build my own fan following and then I know once I have a huge fan following in the music world that I would use that to leverage my acting career on Mainstream Televison.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new album – how’s that coming along?

YES I have 6 more singles I will be releasing this year Just building my savings, So I can afford to film the music videos for the rest of my singles. Every single I release I want it to come with a music video.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

I was planning on releasing another single this month  being April called AINT NO BODY BUT YOU and shooting a film clip too  in May but I just Ive just signed a 3 month contract in Feature film which I’ll be a lead role in. So I’ll have to wait till June To release that single.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes June I want to be performing around Australia and New Zealand, fingers crossed.

What else is happening next in Prema Smith’s world?  

Right now Ive got a tv show which Im directing. Also I just got a Supporting lead role on an Aussie Tv show, which we start shooting  next week. Also on the 21 of this month I’m directing a music video. I am a massive advocate for Mental Health and Im doing a talk next week in Redfern on mindset and self love and self Appreciation.  Then next month Ill be filming flat out for the Feature Film.

I do hope all of my writing makes sense, I truly do suck at writing and computers stuff. Ill send my bio as well so itll give you information  on what small achievements ive had in my life too prior to pursuing a career as a professional Artist.

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