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CD Review: From The Sea To The Sky by Camille Peruto

The lovely voice of Camille Peruto, combined and enhanced with some well-written melodies, make for an attention-grabbing album that brings together pop and alternative rock influences.  From The Sea To The Sky is the American Idol contestant’s second album, on which the singer/songwriter not only provides the vocals but also plays the acoustic guitar.  Accompanied by Eric Novod (drums), Joe Parella (guitar), Roshane Karunaratne (piano, keyboard), and Erik Kase Romero (bass), Peruto has crafted eleven melodic tracks, most of them with some big, swelling choruses.

Peruto’s storytelling is reminiscent of Taylor Swift, while her style is more anthemic and theatrical.  There isn’t much in terms of sound manipulation; the vocals are able to carry each tune (and potentially a lot more).  Thematically, Peruto seems inspired mostly by the process of going through the pangs of life in order to achieve joy through acceptance, a very healthy approach to life which might inspire listeners to take on a more active role in crafting their own happiness despite what may have happened to them.

“Crooked Roads” is a chugging number that opens with a piano that demands listeners nothing but their complete attention.  Pop-rock at its core, this catchy number also includes hints of electronic music and some gritty rock flavours.  The path of life may be crooked but that doesn’t mean that, despite a setback like a failing relationship, that everything is doomed.Acoustic guitar-driven “Biscuit Moon” is shy and reserved, supported by delicate percussions.  Peruto’s style comes through as deliberate and meticulous, without being boxed in too narrowly.  The slower number discusses the scars a heart takes on through life’s experiences with Peruto’s vocals tinging the experience with both vulnerability and hope.

The pop perfection of “Can’t Get Away” is as radio-friendly as it gets, with a big chorus and emotive vocals that request the object of her love not to leave.  One might expect “Silent Melody” to be delicate and gentle; however, it features crunchy guitars and rapid, almost staccato-like vocals in this alternate rock and pop flavoured number.  The rhythm is attention-grabbing and the drums verge on being aggressive.  The alternative rock “Let Go” is a pop number built on playful keyboards, sheltered within soft drumming, and accompanied by a catchy guitar.  Peruto talks about letting go of the negative, darker aspects of her life so that she can be free to enjoy life more fully.

The organ and drums in “Sword” make it very dynamic and emotive, while Peruto’s harmonies make it delicate and help display particularly well her full vocal range.  “The High Road” is one of the more stripped numbers on From The Sea To The Sky, putting in the spotlight an acoustic guitar and her vocals.  It might come off as a little condenscending, but the message—adopting higher standards when making life choices—is well worth a listen.

“Crazy Crazy Mad” brings some (relatively) major attitude from Peruto, accompanied, aptly enough, but gritty guitars.  “Set Up a Sail” is quieter, bringing again to the forefront an acoustic guitar and the singer’s vocals.  In this stirring number, Peruto reflects on the role that nature plays in guiding us through our lives.  “Row Ghost” touches on the ghosts of one’s past, with Peruto reaching out to make peace and set to rest some rocky relationships.  “Lagoon” has a great sing-along quality to it, less anthemic and more private, as if Peruto is reaching out to listeners and inviting them to join her on her path to finding peace with actions from her past that she regrets.

Although at first listen, it might sound like Camille Peruto is just another wannabe pop princess, turns out that she has a lot more depth typically found in these ranks and that makes for an artist well worth the listen.  More information about her can be found on her website, and her Facebook page.  Videos are available on her YouTube channel.

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