Listening to music while writing

Classical Music to Listen to While Writing

We all love music and many people are accustomed to listening to the music whatever they do. Is it possible to listen to the music while writing an essay? Of course, it is. Is it productive to write perfectly when the music is playing, especially loudly? Maybe, it is not. Let’s consider two points: what do you write and what kind of music is it? If your writing is an e-mail to your friend or a chat, you should not strain your brains too much. But in the case of a serious writing work to do, you need a full concentration, making your brains analyzing, remembering, inventing, composing words, etc. Our ears can hear lyrics and we enjoy the lovely song. On the other hand, if it a calm and quiet music without words, i.e. instrumental, sounding in the background of your main activity, it can help to do the main job without even consciously perceiving that the music plays indeed. If the music is too loud and vigorous, it grabs attention and diverts from the creative activity, like writing a serious document.

Our brains are functioning by getting information from our five sense organs. When there is too much information, the brains are overcharged. When we are doing two or several affairs at one time, we are still able to the ordinary perception from several sources, but it is hard to say we can be enough concentrated for the productivity in the hard thinking process. Our brain simply works much better when we are doing only one thing. If it is overcharged, it absorbs the glucose faster and works out the stress hormones into the blood.

The ambient noise, like for instance, the birds singing or the bells pealing, can create a positive mood and raise the productivity in the hard task. It is the historical fact, that there were many famous writers who were able to write their masterpieces with music only. The sound waves of a certain range make a positive effect on the general brains activity. “Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents,” said Ludwig van Beethoven. Of cause, some music can have a frequency with disturbing and even destructive impact on our vulnerable brain. The talented classical music makes perfect and helps us living and working. The music volume matters as well. There are scientific works on this subject about the importance while listening to the music while writing. They are proving the good effect of the classical music on the human main activity.This is completely true when this activity is a boring “monkey job”. Everybody knows from his or her personal experience that essay writing isn’t easy job and it demands lots of concentration and brain activity to find appropriate words, to set a structure of an spider essay to convey the most important idea. And music can certainly help with all these things.

In fact, our brains work as a switch in some moments. We stop hearing the music when we think heavily and vice versa, we can pay more attention to the sounds around us when the main activity is not so important. We may not even notice it consciously.

Should you listen to the music while you write? It is your choice. You can experiment yourself and select the best music while writingfor your best results or to switch it off for the deep diving into the creative procedure of writing.

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