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Full Review of the Ideal Shape Shake

Ideal Shape Shake is a meal replacement shake that is claimed to enhance your weight loss thanks to its special hunger-blocking ingredient – Potato Protein Extract. As the manufacturer says, the fact that an appetite reducer is already included in the shake’s formula makes Ideal Shape different from other analogue products.

The Shake allegedly provides you with more than 50% of the necessary daily norm of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it contains only 2 grams of added sugar, which sounds impressive. There are 7 different flavors available: vanilla, chocolate, mocha, cookies n’ cream, strawberry, chocolate cream pie, and orange cream.

In this article, I’m gonna investigate if Ideal Shake is really that good as the maker claims. Let’s review its main ingredients, its price/quality ratio, and overall effectiveness right now!

Ideal Shape’s core ingredients

Potato Protein Extract. Let’s start with the ingredient I mentioned above as it’s considered to be one of the main product’s advantages. Does it really help you reduce hunger? The European Food Safety Authority did a research and they concluded Potato Protein Extract was safe to consume. However, they didn’t found any proves of its effectiveness for weight loss. Maybe, we will know some day.

Sucralose. This is an artificial non-caloric sweetener that’s 320-1000 times sweeter than sucrose. Well, seems like it is too sweet. Moreover, it has potentially dangerous effects. Consumption of Sucralose increases the level of P-gp released by your body and reduces beneficial fecal microflora, which negatively impacts your immune system. Besides, there might be other side effects we don’t know about yet.

Acesulfame Potassium. That’s another artificial sweetener that doesn’t give your body any calories and is supposed to reduce blood sugar. Well, it is nearly 200 times sweeter than sucrose! According to the study published by the Hormone and Metabolic Research journal, big doses of Acesulfame K can induce insulin secretion. Another study tells us that this ingredient may impact neuro-metabolic functions, which can change your brain activity. Consequently, Acesulfame Potassium may cause metabolism disorders and some cognitive function problems.

Artificial Flavor. This ingredient is supposed to improve the shake’s taste. But what’s tricky, it may be received from various sources like soy, corn, or wheat so allergic reactions are possible.

Cellulose Gum. It is a cheap thickener and binder found in a great many different products. Scientific studies conducted by the Nature journal showed that Cellulose Gum provokes microbiota aggression that may lead to obesity and the metabolic syndrome and increases the risk of chronic inflammatory diseases.

Ideal Shape’s protein quality

The Ideal Shape shake provides 100 calories per serving and 11 g of whey protein. The very first problem about it is that whey protein is actually a cheap protein that doesn’t give you all the necessary amino acids.

Second, it is combined here with other 3 potentially dangerous ingredients I outlined above. Sucralose and Cellulose Gum are cheap additives as well; moreover, their effects on human health are very questionable. You might suffer from obesity and certain diseases by consuming them.

As the third, 11 g of protein per serving isn’t enough to provide your organism with the required amount of it. Look, you are supposed to take 2 portions of Ideal Shape a day (just like all other meal replacement shakes) so the total amount of protein is gonna be 22 grams. The real daily norm of protein should be 46 grams if you are a grown woman and 56 grams is you are a grown man. The Ideal Shape shake gives you less than 50% of this norm!

There is also a problem with the product’s taste: many customers didn’t like it because it was too sweet. The obvious reason is that big amounts of cheap artificial sweeteners were added.

Ideal Shape’s price/quality ratio

Purchasing Ideal Shape via its manufacturer, you receive a box containing 30 servings for $49.99. If you consume 2 servings each day, as it’s recommended, you’re gonna “pay” $3.33 for a daily portion and these 30 servings will be enough for 15 days only. Consequently, the monthly price of Ideal Shape is $99.98. A very costly deal, I have to admit.

Due to all the artificial ingredients, cheap protein, and binders, Ideal Shape’s quality is far lower than it could’ve been. We don’t really know how from what sources all those components were obtained, which worsens the situation. The product doesn’t only helps you lose weight effectively, it increases risks of obesity and might causes issues with brain health and immune system. Seems like eating whole foods instead of using any pre-made substances is much more beneficial.

Who makes it?

The manufacturer of the Ideal Shape shake is IdealShape LLC based in American Fork, Utah. Their reputation is also questionable. For example, some clients were extremely dissatisfied with the level of service and the fact that the company didn’t give the full information about ingredients used in their products.

In particular, the content of lead was unknown. As we know, lead is a very dangerous contaminant that potentially causes harm to different organs and also may trigger coma. In some cases, people can die from its effects. And why should a meal replacement protein shake contain ingredients like this at all? A very good question, don’t you think? Yes, we can find lead in certain process foods because of production issues. But IdealShape even didn’t manage to calculate its proportion to warn their customers!

Last but not least, a refund is only possible if you buy products for over $74.99. So when you buy 30 servings of the Ideal Shape shake and get disappointed with its quality and effect, you probably won’t get your money back.

Customer reviews

Many customers said the shake didn’t help them reduce hunger – there was no effect at all. Seems like Potato Protein Extract, an “appetite-blocking” ingredient, is useless. Furthermore, some clients felt even hungrier than before they started using Ideal Shape!

I already wrote about the Ideal Shape’s taste. According to online reviews, a great many consumers thought the shake was overly sweet and that was disgusting. A few of them experienced nausea while tasting it.

Bottom line

So what do we have here? The Ideal Shape shake is full of potentially harmful ingredients. They are cheap, their sources aren’t known, and their quality is rather poor. Some of them might badly damage your organs and even brain or cause obesity. And, of course, lead! Apart from being the most dangerous component here, it is present in an unknown amount.

The price of 30 servings of the shake is too high and you aren’t entitled to compensation according to the manufacturer’s policy. Next, a huge number of customers complained about the taste and non-effectiveness of the product. In conclusion, we have bad quality, bad taste, and almost no benefits from its consumption. Nuff said. You’d better search for an alternative or switch to the balanced healthy ration.

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