INTERVIEW: San Antonio Rockers JT Bevy

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Never been better!! Thanks for asking! Lots of great things happening with the EP release

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Bring It Loud”?

Rock bands always have their songs about the “sex, drugs and rock and roll” thing… and we do too. But, I wanted to write something about that inner strength that we all possess to grab onto the opportunities we have. The storyline in the song is about any of us that realize that there is something beyond the “daily grind” and the mundane existence that all of us go through at times. Every day is a new day with opportunities that present themselves whether they are big or small. These opportunities can grow into bigger and better things, even if they seem small or simple when they are first there for us. We need to jump at the chance to grow and “grab the moment.” It’s a common saying to “Go big or go home”… well, I love music and the power it can bring out of people… so we say “BRING IT LOUD and know you’re taking over!”

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I had a close friend of mine ask me if I could write a motivational song that could get the blood flowing. Along with that, I work with and know a lot of great and amazing people. I wanted to write an uplifting song to help us all wake up in the morning and take control of our day and what is ahead of us all. This song came out of all that. Hopefully it helps a few people!

How was the filming experience?

The filming was great! I have worked with Chris Mega (@chrismegaphotgraphy on FB) for the past few years. He has an amazing talent at putting depth and perspective into his shots. He is the easiest guy to work with and puts out an amazing product with top-notch quality. I totally trust his opinions and what he wants to do and how he wants to produce it. He is doing all the artwork and photography on the Bevy Madness and always blows me away with the final result. On top of that, I got to work with my sister Megan X Thomas on bass with the video. She is an amazing talent and has been playing in her main gig, Lez Zeppelin (based out of NYC), plus touring and recording with Kristeen Young. She had just gotten off a major tour with another big time band just in time to do this tune with me. I have never gotten to work professionally with her. She is off the charts talented and great to work with! The same with Tyler! He has got an understanding for music and talent beyond his years. My dad (Stevie T) came to town from SLC and is also in the video and jumped in on the back-up vocals. He is always an amazing support and taught me so much about music since before I was conscious enough to understand it. We had a blast!

The single comes off your new EP Madness – what’s the story behind the title?

Madness has 3 meanings to me. It seemed to fit whatever mood I was in while putting the recordings together. The simple, surface answer is just the craziness or madness in the world today. There is so much chaos out there that it’s easy to get caught up in the Madness and forget who we are. I see so many people hiding behind a “story” or just getting caught up in all the B.S. and forgetting the simple things that bring happiness to us and those around us. That’s why I chose the artwork for the front of the EP. It shows the total chaos or madness going on and depicts to me how easy it is to lose yourself in that big crowd that’s pushing you in one direction or the other. The song itself is about with all that madness out there, we still have the need for relationships and that time of joy that you can only get when you block out all the madness and can spend that time with someone you truly care about and can take you mind off all that stuff. The deep answer is all the madness I personally went through that is described in the songs on the EP. We all have crazy journeys that we can put ourselves through with situations and decisions that our own madness put us through. Hopefully, when the dust clears, you can pick yourself up and look back at all that madness and put yourself in a better place and REALLY be happy. Which is where I found myself after quite a roller coaster ride the past few years. I found that it’s great to be able to look back and acknowledge your own madness so you can continue to grow and be a better person.

How was the recording and writing process?

I really enjoyed it. These songs all popped out in a 2-month time period last year, other than “Good to Bad.” The music for “Good to Bad” came from clear back in my high school days, but it never had a melody that I liked. I had been haunted with the tune for years. Finally, while I was doing the other songs for Madness, the melody and the lyrics all came to me. The lyrics fit right in with the rest of the EP with the Madness concept I’ve described already. All the other songs just popped out. Because I did all the instruments on the EP, it took some time to get the recordings done. After they were all written and recorded, I decided that they were all a bit too guitar heavy, so I backed out some guitar and redid a few parts to get the sound and the feel that I was shooting for. I asked Freddie Muneaux II from another San Antonio band called The Lost to do a rap verse for me on Bring It Loud and he blew me away with what he threw down! He gave the song the energy that I was looking for. I knew the dude has talent, but…WOW! Hopefully the finished product will be something that people will like and can relate to. I have such a diverse back ground in music with playing in bands and producing other artist with rap, hip hop, pop, total synth, alternative and metal, that I really didn’t want to clump myself into one sound. I wanted to capture the best of all those genres. I love and respect artists that completely do their own thing and cross up genres. I hope I was able to do some of that and that people, regardless of their favorite genre, can find something in my music that they can relate to and enjoy.

What role does San Antonio play on this album?

I moved to San Antonio just over 4 years ago. It is where I woke up one day and realized all the madness that I had gone through and brought on myself. I have met some of the most amazing people while I’ve been in SA and developed some great relationships here. These people were a big part of what helped me shake off the “Madness” and “Bring it Loud,” if you know what I mean.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes! We are lining up some fun stuff. We start with our opener and Release Party at the Korova then, the Film and Indie music festival in Roswell next month. We have some stuff in LA lined up in May and are filling in all the in between and into the fall right now. I would like to do as much as we can and have some fun with a lot of people that enjoy music!

What else is happening next in JT Bevy’s world?

We will do this road thing as it comes. I have a few songs already for the follow up EP or album. (I haven’t decided which to do yet.) I plan to do some more writing and see how the songs sound and what they will evolve into as they come out. Hopefully I will have another release at the end of the summer. But, I will take it as it goes and enjoy what is happening now. I’m always looking ahead and working hard on the next thing, but I love to live in the moment and enjoy what is here today.

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