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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? 

Staying busy, no time for rest, full throttle.

From all the songs out there, why did you choose to cover David Alan Coe’s “Take This Job”?

We always wanted to work with David no matter what the song was.  This idea was presented to us and we jumped all over it.  We were excited to have Coe’s blessing and thankful to have him be a part of it.  We inly wanted to remake this song if David himself was on it.  A lot of people don’t know that Coe wrote the original, not Paycheck.  David deserves more recognition then he gets for penning this tune.  We slightly changed it up and were ecstatic that Both David and his wife miss Kim liked our version. Like David says, its one of those songs that can always come back around and reach an entirely new generation.  Everybody has had at least one lousy job and I am sure a lot of people have wanted to give a boss the finger.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

We wrote this song for the working man that busts his ass to feed his/her family, but doesn’t get any recognition from their boss that he or she deserves.  To all you jerk bosses out there, don’t be afraid to tell your employees that they did a good job.

Can you tell us more about the video?

The video experience was incredible.  Our director Ken Madson and producer David Wade did a hell of a job putting this thing together.  Matching our schedule with DAC’s was no easy task.  We filmed it at the Ohio State Reformatory aka Shawshank Penitentiary where David was actually incarcerated for a few years.  This an empowering song about feeling liberated.  Taking David back to a prison setting as a free man was just one of the concepts in the video.  David remembered his exact cell he spent years of his life in and we were able to capture that in the Video.  The cells had a smell that was so bad a few of us vomited.  We shot scenes in the Chapel and the vibe was eerie and made the hair on your neck stand up.’ Its a creepy place.  David told us how he used to rap in front of his cell to inmates but back then they didn’t know it was called rap.

What was it like to work with him and how did that relationship develop?

Anybody who has ever said David Allan Coe was hard to get along with is full of shit.  Now I ain’t saying that he aint a true outlaw and a real badass because he is, but if he respects you, then he is one of the coolest dudes around.  Earning his respect and getting to work with him is one of our biggest accolades for us to date.  David performed was us live on stage and we had a blast. He told us our live show was badass which means a lot coming from a legend.   Sitting in the hotel room and listening to David Allan Coe tell stories was priceless.  Some artists told Coe that he shouldn’t write songs for a certain genre, so he went back and made music in every  genre possible.  Music has no boundaries.  We traded road stories about touring and venues that had banned us.  Throughout both of our careers, we shared the similar obstacles but no matter what, we always did things our way.  We often send text messages back in forth and we keep in contact.  We will probably be working again with him soon.

The single comes off your new album Baptized in Bourbon – what’s the story behind the title?

“Baptized in Bourbon” came to Me in a dream in the middle of the night.  The dream was so vivid it actually woke me up, but we didn’t know what the message meant.  When we went into the studio, our song writing started to follow the theme.  We are thankful for God and everything he has blessed us with, but are we living out his blessings the way we should be.  Is being on the road non-stop, partying, raising hell, being away our families acceptable to him?  We tried to figure that out while writing these songs for this Album and I still don’t have the answer.  This album is real.  Its a story from start to finish. Audio Movie.

How was the recording and writing process?

We lock ourselves in the studio room. We sleep right next to the vocal booth. We don’t want a lavish setting, we don’t need it to be luxurious, we just want to get down to business.  Our production team, Burn County has been a huge part of working on this project.  We were writing and recording 2 to 3 songs a day.  Late nights filled with smoke, whiskey, and a pen and pad.  The setting was in the middle of nowhere with beautiful trees, no outside world interruptions other then the coyotes howling late at night.  We created songs and then we decided what songs should have a feature on them.  We reached out to Uncle Kracker for a chorus we wrote and he immediately responded and wanted to take part. We have been friends with him for a while, but our schedules never lined up to make it happen.  Our “Baptized in Bourbon” song was a song of cleansing your wrongs with Bourbon and Kracker did a hell of a job on it.  We love collaborating with other artists like our friends Colt and the Lacs.  The fans love it and it adds a different dynamic to a song.

Any plans to hit the road?

We live on the road. Our stage crew works hard, our DJ Chopstiqs and drummer chick Jordan bring a lot of energy to our live show. We pride ourselves in giving a good show to people that spend their hard earned cash to come see us. 2017 is going to be a lot of fly out shows to fairs,  biker festivals like Sturgis, mud bogs, music venues, and we  still might even play a few dive bar shit holes. Sometimes the hole in the wall spots have the most energy. We did over 65 flights last year.  Our West Coast “Baptized in Bourbon” Tour kicks off mid April. We are also producing our own ShinerFest 2017 in Humboldt County California August 4th and 5th.

What else is happening next in Moonshine Bandits’ world?  

We started a Nonprofit Organization known as Operation Packing Company, Inc. that sends boxes of love to our Armed Forces overseas.  100% of all the proceeds goes towards assembling and sending supplies to our US Troops.  Our military has always supported our music, but most of all they deserve some love from back home for protecting our freedom. For info, Visit

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