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1. Hello Brandi, happy Monday. Here are the questions I’d love for you to answer. Please send back with a pic you would like to use. First off, an honor to be interviewing you today. An actess, model, and influencer you are the trifecta of a social media star. What led you to sharing your life on social media in the first place through skits?

Well thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of Vents magazine, i’m genuinely honored!

​Honestly, I had no intention at all of becoming a social media star/influencer. I moved to LA to pursue acting and entertainment hosting. I tried it one day as a “fun” activity to get to know people shortly after I moved to LA. Unknowingly, I made my first Vine (R.I.P Vine) with some of the biggest Viners in the world. I didn’t even have a Vine account, I shot like 3 sketches that day with Wuz Good, Liane V, Page Kennedy and Splack. I remember thinking to myself like “this is weird, you guys do this everyday for fun? How are you not going to work?” lol. Because this was one of my days off that I rarely had between all of my 4 jobs at the time. After that I was encouraged to start making my own content and ideas so I made a Vine account, Facebook page, switched my Instagram profile from private to public, started making youtube videos and here I am today!

2. What did family think when they discovered just how popular you would become on social media?

Um… I still don’t think anyone in my family over 40 understands it lol I mean especially if they don’t have any social media or are barely on the internet it’s definitely hard to explain. My grandma still asks me every other day if I’m “going” to work and I try to explain that I physically don’t have anywhere to go and I work from home or wherever. I’m always thinking of new ways to explain social media to certain family members.

It is fun though, especially with my nephews in high school because I feel like I give them a few cool points when their peers recognize me and my friends at their football games. There has been a few times where i’ve been asked to take a photo or a fan just coming up to me to say hi and my family has been shocked like “they wanna meet YOU??” and I’m just like “Yes guys… I’m kind of a big deal” lol just kidding.

3. When did you realize your posts started gaining serious attention?

After the first couple of days shooting Vines I remember I woke up one day and I had gained something like 40,000 followers overnight and I was in shock like… WOW wait a minute!​ Thats when it hit me and I started taking everything more serious realizing I was starting to get some spotlight. Also when I started getting fan mail and being posted as guys’ “woman crush Wednesdays” haha!

4. Which peers have helped you most in finding “fame”? Do you consider yourself famous? It’s such a loose term nowadays thanks to the internet.

Wes “Wuz Good” Armstrong has definitely been a great mentor, he introduced me to this world and continues showing me the ropes as social media changes so quickly.

I am grateful and lucky to have access and relationships with some of the best social media influencers and comedians. Any collaboration I am apart of definitely helps me reach a new audience and gain more “notice.”

At this point, I don’t consider myself famous. I have a lot more work to do and goals to achieve before I reach that. When Beyoncé knows who I am, that’s when I’ll be famous lol.

5. What has been your favorite picture or video you’ve uploaded?

My favorite video I’ve uploaded has been “when they sing every song” its a sketch I did with Destorm Power about having to drive with people in the car when they sing every song on the radio even if they don’t know all of the words. This is a real life pet peeve of mine and so many people I know do it. It was super fun to shoot, really relatable and got a lot of views and comments which makes it a successful video.​

6. Tell us about the most motivating fan mail or message you’ve received. Anything that stands out the most?

​I get some interesting fan mail/comments; however, the best message I’ve received has been from a male fan who was appreciating the persona I portray online. He mentioned it is refreshing to see a young woman online who isn’t using her body or vulgar content to gain followers. There are females that gain followers and attention quickly because they show a lot of “skin” and its not about the quality of content. It’s motivating to know my fans really like me for who I am and it reminds me to stay true to myself and what I believe in.

7. On the flipside, having so many followers can lead to the weird and absurd. Can you share with us the craziest DM or request you’ve received?

The craziest “request”​ I’ve received… I don’t even know how to explain this. So on my Facebook page there’s a fan who thinks he is a dragon, not even joking, like a fire-breathing, flying dragon. His icon picture is a cartoon dragon and he talks about living outside of a castle. He has offered to take care of me and protect me as a princess in the castle, but ultimately he wants me to turn into a female dragon so I can fly around with him. For almost a year straight he has commented on every picture/video I post.

8. What else is coming up for you in 2017!

​2017 is starting off great! I am working with a lot of cool brands in ways that haven’t been done before and I have had the opportunity to be in a beauty commercial coming out in March. My goal this year is to appear in a major film and/or Tv!​

9. Who is your favorite social media star? Who would you collaborate with in the future?

That’s a hard question, there’s so many people that I look up to and inspire me in the social media world. I would have to say Liza Koshy. She is killing it! YouTube is on of the hardest platforms to grow on and I believe she got over 1 million in less than a year-that’s unheard of, and she’s so young! I LOVE that she is just genuinely funny, no gimmicks, not showing body parts for likes, creative content and just a talented girl.

I would love to collaborate with Joanne the Scammer, he/she is hilarious to me. I love the concept of the character Branden created- a fur coat, messed up wig and a diva personality that blew up almost overnight.

10. What does Brandi want to be known for? What would you like to use your platform for in a positive way?

I would like to be known as Brandi Marie King, this little Sacramento girl who moved to LA, followed her dreams (even though family and friends tried to talk her out of it) and became a successful actress and entertainer making people laugh around the world. I have always loved the entertainment world. As a child I would watch my favorite movies over and over rehearsing lines and performing them, I would record award shows and practice the music performances, I just loved TV and film. It’s not about the fame, it’s about giving other people the same enjoyment I get from watching a good movie or favorite TV show.

I feel that I am already using my platform in a positive way as best I can. I never promote or support brands/ideas that are negative or inappropriate. I keep my brand very clean, I treat my platforms like my family is watching…because they are lol. A lot of fans don’t know that I got my Bachelor of Arts degree from a 4 year college so I like to incorporate that in my posts and stories from time to time to remind my younger crowd it’s cool to be popular on the internet, but to still handle business and get a good education. This type of career may not work out for everyone or you may not end up even liking it if this is something you plan on trying out. Always have a backup plan. My generation as well as future ones to come are beginning to have multiple careers throughout their lifetime and I say “go for it all!”

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