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Can you talk to us more about your latest single “To Eternity”?

“To Eternity” is the title track off of our upcoming album. The song starts with the bass, acoustic, electric and viola entering in canon, playing the same melody but starting at different times. This canon sets the tone and forms the foundation for the instrumental accompaniment for rest of the song. I don’t hear canons in popular music as often as I’d like and “To Eternity” uses this musical form as a means to deliver a central message of the song – the rising, falling, and cyclical nature of human existence.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

If you’re paying attention, the general trend of our species is what brought this song to fruition. However, I did write the canon and the lyrics to this song on a particular day. March 12th, 2011 the day after the Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima began. I had some pretty vivid dreams that previous night. What stuck with me upon waking were several images, this feeling that I can’t quite describe, and the melody to the canon—running over and over in my head.

How was the film experience?

Bruce James Bales of DEFT, who filmed and edited the video, is both a master and a brother ( During the lead up to any film shoot I am pretty much in a state of uncertainty. We had to reschedule once because of weather and the day we shot we luckily finished ahead of schedule otherwise weather would have been an issue yet again.  As the shoot unfolded everything just fell into place. The dancers and the youth were on point and even the butterflies were cooperative, nature provided the perfect lighting scheme so it felt as though all of creation was joining in to help us tell this story.  As I am not a videographer I try to guard my expectations when going into a shoot, but when I watched the video the first time it felt like I had re-entered the dream that had originally inspired the song.

Why naming the album after this track in particular?

This is the last song on the album and it sums up the theme that is built by the previous tracks on the album. It is about how the singularity of all action exists in the same moment. You encounter this idea through the infinite cycles you see throughout nature at large and even in your own life, from your darkest memory to the future that lies in wait as a twinkle in your eye. The name of the song, and of the album, are the final words of phrase that is built by the titles of GoodcaT’s; first, second and third albums—which altogether read, “And So… Keep Sinking In To Eternity.”

How was the recording and writing process?

Creation. My favorite part. But it’s even better when you get to create with a whole team of talented, insightful and caring artists. I wrote most of the songs between 2011-2013 during time that I had scheduled for doing the dishes or laundry. Sometimes when you get a feeling you have to drop everything and follow it. Once I have the basic ideas of the song fleshed out I try to leave a lot of creative space in the songs so bandmates can really throw themselves into their performance. The Musicians in GoodcaT are a continual blessing, every time we play together I feel like a kid at a candy shop! Over our first two studio projects as a band we learned a lot about how to get what you want out of studio time and how to create recordings that vibe the way you intend. We were able to use this experience and knowledge to good effect on, “To Eternity.” We learned that one of the most important choices you can make is your choice in Recording and Mixing Engineer. Logan Christian at Midday Studios has such an attention to detail, phenomenal ear, and an uncanny ability to latch on to an idea that he is becoming a local legend. (

Would you call this a whole new chapter for the band?

Chapter… if we are talking about books, as a Tolkien fan, I would have to say this feels like the final chapter in the first book. And it’s an exciting chapter. I can’t wait to see what happens to the characters next!

How did nature influence the record?

For myself, and many composers, inspiration and nature are inseparable. All sound that is created, mimics the sounds from the environment of its creator. On this record my goal was for each song to pull ideas from different environments to sonically create a unique space for the listener.  The space I held in mind while creating “To Eternity” was of somber and barren landscape that through hopeful reflection unfolds into both a memory of the past and a dream for the future that is rich, vibrant and life filled.  Other songs on the album aim to conjure very different cerebral manifestations: “Thunderfunk” – of a crowded sweaty room full of pulsating bodies; “Dark Memory” – of a long, lonely walk down a deserted street; “Towards Me” – of a being who is trying to understand and influence the interstellar movement of the cosmos. And overall, I think it is safe to say that without having trees in my life this album would not have been possible.

What aspect of existence did you get to explore on this material?

The eternal consequence of action and thought. Many songs of this project on first listen seem to be thoughts about a romantic relationship. However, these metaphors are just a common entry point for the listener and invite you to explore deeper connections. How consciousness itself only exists if in relation.  Connections to your: self, environment, social web, loved ones, sorrows, and dreams all form the threads that weave us into this fabric of time and space.  Love what you do, do what you want, never stop believing in our collective ability to co-create the universe, one breath at a time, always right now.

Any plans to hit the road?

During the first month post release we are hitting most of the top music venues in our state and trying to get to make stops at other major cities in the Mid-West. We would like to create a future where we are playing one Costal tour a year during the summer, one interior tour a year during the spring and playing as many festivals as our schedules will allow.

What else is happening next in Goodcat‘s world?

This project has been 5 years in the making. We are SOOO excited to get it out to the world at large! Originally I had hoped to release all three of our albums as a single release. Once we got started recording the first songs on our first album in 2012 we realized a three disc album was not feasible for us at that time. One of our dreams is to remix several songs from And So…, and Keep Sinking In and release the project as intended on vinyl. But, we already have quite a bit of new material that we would also like to start producing. We are going to continue to keep our eyes forward, put all our energy in to our live performances and follow our hearts to whatever the future has in store!

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