CD REVIEW: I.N. Concert With You by Intrinsic Nature

The second recording from the Las Vegas headquartered trio Intrinsic Nature, I.N. Concert With You, is a five song EP highlighting both the band’s progressive tendencies and their talent for creating accessible songs that challenge listeners nonetheless. There’s a real impetus to this recording – Intrinsic Nature often sound quite inspired and their approach to the progressive tradition never leaves them hidebound to ape the iconic outfits who came before them. Band leader and chief songwriter Milo Keysington is joined by Bruno Levy and Steve Myers, guitarist and drummer, to create a startling musical landscape defined just as much by its approachability as its varied sonic canvas. Progressive rock as often been derided as too remote, too impersonal, and foolishly pretentious, but Intrinsic Nature’s latest release is none of those things. Instead, this is music engaging its audience both intellectually and physically. It results in one of the most interesting offerings in recent history.

The lightly progressive leanings characterizing “Eyes That Flicker” are inventive without ever being overwrought. The pop hooks laden through all of the band’s tunes find one of their best expressions on this track and Keysington’s vocal makes the most of those moments, especially on the chorus. Levy’s guitar work on this track adds a lot of color and Steve Myers’ drums are exceptionally well recorded. The intimate nature of the band’s sound will also engage listeners and bring them deeper and closer to these songs. They turn on the hard rock skills with the second song “Spend My Time” and it makes a strong impact. If there’s anything in the opener that might lead listeners to believe they couldn’t handle this sort of rugged hard rock posturing, but they deliver an expert turn with it that bleeds and throbs with considerable sincerity. Keysington is perfectly at home with this style and it’s obvious that it plays to guitarist Bruno Levy’s strengths as a player.

“No Time Like Now” amps up the intensity with another quasi hard rock turn that’s equally intelligent. There’s a darkness creeping in along the edges of this tune that stands out among the five tracks, but instrumentally, the standout factors are the drumming and bass playing, the latter courtesy of the multi-instrumental Keysington. The great guitar riffing driving “At the Top” heralds Keysington’s equally raucous vocal and has a straight ahead driving quality that makes it stand out even more. This is the sort of song that, in the hands of a lesser band, sounds leaden and lifeless with bash and thud qualities, but Intrinsic Nature keeps things lively without ever succumbing to those characteristics. The keyboards and guitar work weaving together to form “Be With You” is held together by Steve Myers’ skillful drumming, but everything remains tasteful throughout. The chorus, like elsewhere on I.N. Concert With You, hooks into listener’s consciousness and doesn’t let go. This is a powerful EP release that has the impact of a full length release and builds on the enormous promise of the band’s first release.


by Michael Saulman

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