INTERVIEW: Urban pop artist, Ebony Joi

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Young & Reckless”?

Young & Reckless is a really fun record. It’s an anthem for the young and the young at heart. Although you may not necessarily be the type to pop bottles in the club (hahahha) you will absolutely enjoy the freedom and joy that I put into this record.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

2016 for me was a year of self discovery. It was my first time in a long time being completely single and I took that time to really find myself. During that time I realized that I lived so much of my life to make other people comfortable. This song was me leaving that head space and becoming independent. Learning to truly be myself and not fear the consequences.

How was the filming experience?

Filming this video was so much fun. The main squad in the video is comprised with beautiful women from different stages in my life (Paige Wilson, elementary school; Desiree Epps, middle school; Joslyn Williams, high school) who have all not only watched me singing through out my life but have actually sang with me. It was really amazing to have them be apart of this moment. I had an amazing director (Teddy Dem) who did an awesome job making sure everything looked great. And because I am a total foodie being able to eat my favorite wings in Philly from Silk City Diner was a huge plus!

Why name the EP after this track in particular?

The title Young & Reckless really focused in on the freedom that is a common thread through all the songs on this EP. The goal is to show people that it is ok to be exactly who you are and want exactly what you want. It is very easy  to get caught up in being ok with just existing. Too many young people become complacent early in life with trying to follow the paths laid out for them. I want to tell people its ok to follow your own path. BE YOUNG. BE RECKLESS.

How was the recording and writing process? What was it like to work with Daniel Jones and how did that relationship develop? How much did he influence the song?

I met Daniel at the top of 2016 while on tour with Eminem. He sent me some music to write to and I actually got the concept for Y&R in a hotel room somewhere in South America. He liked it so I kept going. With some major assistance from Adam Blackstone (Executive producer of the EP) and Super Heroes Music on background vocals the song came together flawlessly. I also  got to work with an amazing engineer on this record Danny Cheung who makes my job so easy!

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

While I like to think of my personality as multifaceted this is a very accurate direction of Ebony Joi. Young, bold, and free. As far as inspiration as I mentioned 2016 was absolutely a year of self discovery so this like many of the songs on this project sort of just pour out of me.

What else is happening next in Ebony Joi’s world?

There is SOOOO much happening in my world right now. 2017 has started off in such a whirlwind already. I have been simultaneously doing background vocals (The Roots, Bebe Rexha, Bruno Mars, Lauryn Hill), shooting visuals, writing new music (because I never stop lol), developing my clothing line FLAVORS (more info below), and a bunch more. 2017 I plan on releasing a lot of good stuff that I promise you wont want to miss!

Flavors is really my baby. It encompasses two things that are very important to me. First, feminine freedom. For each design I select models with a different size, height, completion, and cultural background, this was very important to me. We wanted to highlight the fact that each woman body was beautiful in it’s on way. In today’s society we always tend to bash what ever we aren’t sometimes unintentionally so at FLAVORS I made it my business to show all sides of the spectrum. Second, FOOD! (Lol) Anybody who knows me knows I absolutely LOVE to eat. Being able to combine my freedom of self with my love of food in these designs is exactly why this project is so close to my heart!


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