PREMIERE: Kyle T. Hurley Releases New Single “Shot!”

Another week, another series of premieres here on VENTS. This time we are kicking it off with an unusual track by a Country Blues artist by the name of Kyle T. Hurley. His newest single “Shot!” dives into the odd waters of Smashing Pumpkins with Hurley’s voice reminiscent of Billy Coogan’s peculiar voice which blends with a somewhat simple though mighty catchy 90s Alternative driven track that gets under your skin and doesn’t let you go.

American country-blues artist Kyle T. Hurley has deep roots in the Los Angeles music club scene where he perfected a modern approach to the classic country blues style. His first album, recorded in the UK at famed Castlesound studios, where the Proclaimers, R.E.M. and Mark Knopfler recorded, consists of eight tracks of original material and two unique interpretations of classic country blues tunes. He has played in most major cities in the United States and Europe. Currently based in the UK, his style is a unique blend of old blues standards and new modern melodies of his own composition. His second and newest album- KTH II- was recorded in London and finished at Abbey Road Studios. It features Amy Winehouse guitarist Robin Banerjee. He is now based in London and gigging all over the UK and Europe. The album features nine original tracks and one unique interpretation of Pride and Joy.

Kyle also had the chance to sit with us and talk about the new track, album and more!


Hi Kyle, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

– Livin the dream.

Can you talk to us more about your single “Shot!”?

– It’s about a combination of different kinds of violences. The musicianship really stood out in the studio. Enzo Strano and Alessandro Cinelli, my bassist and drummer, played really tight together and Davide Mazzantini, my guitarist, played a really powerful solo towards the end of the song. It worked really well.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

– There are a combination of a few events. First, domestic violence that can occur in relationships, second, violence that occurs in schools and, third, terrorism stemming from religious violence. The song combines different instances of these three types of violence that I have seen and heard about. They are all very prevalent in the news, and all are acts of violence, but each come from different places and causes. The name of the song represents the loud bang or shock of a violent attack, which is why I put the exclamation point there. It’s a loud yell or bang, like one hears during a violent bang.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

– I am working to put together a collage of ideas for a video. It would be a combination, all thrown together.

The single comes off your new album KTH II – what’s the story behind the title?

– My first album was called Kyle T. Hurley. This is my second album, so I just used my initials KTH. I liked how Led Zeppelin simply called their first four albums Zeppelin I, II, III, and IV, and I wanted to emulate that. I think titles like this are less distracting, and tell the listener to just go straight to the music.

How was the recording and writing process?

– It was good. A lot more personal than my first album, as I put a lot more of myself into this second one. I relied less on my influences and more on my own voice.

How much did London and the Abbey Road Studios influence this record?

– A lot. I’m pretty American in my influences and what I listen to, but London helped me to access them more. People see American music differently in London than Americans see American music. There’s more of an awe for it, though they would try to deny that out of jealousy. They can’t stand the fact that most of the roots of popular music come from the States. So when I was in London, I saw how valuable my American influences were and tapped into them in a more creative and in depth way. I saw I had a lot to rely on, so it helped me take more chances in my writing. Abbey Road was pretty cool to see, but the artistic scene is really not there anymore. It’s more of a museum there now, full of tourists and pictures documenting a time when abbey road had a scene. It’s gone now though, and seeing that made me realise how art is all about the people creating it, not big famous landmarks.

What aspect of blues music are you exploring with this new material?

– Its experimental blues- I’m taking chances coming from the blues and country genre. Blues can be repetitive, head to any blues jam and, more times than not, that’s what you’ll hear. So, I tried to take more the blue feeling of the blues and make it mine, with my experiences.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

– My influences and personal experiences. The album is a collage of influences, held together by my experiences. It’s all realness- there is no fluff, that is what I reached for.

Any plans to hit the road?

– I plan on pushing this album as far as possible, so I’ll be playing around Europe and the states. All dates are marked on my website

What else is happening next in Kyle T. Hurley’s world?

KTH III, naturally.

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