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INTERVIEW: Dreamer & Son

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Sayak (Vocalist, Guitar) – Very busy, but fantastic! Hope you’ve been great as well.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Cheat”?

Sayak – Of course. The title, “Cheat”, is pretty self explanatory.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Sayak – Yes, many different events and people inspired the song. Without going into too much detail, a couple of the members (including myself) have been in these sorts of situations before. “Cheat” sums up the feelings of uncertainty and the transfer of “power” that we all felt in our respective situations.

How was the filming experience?

Jake (Bass Guitar) – Filming Cheat was something we’ll never forget, especially Sayak and I, who were brainstorming endless on-the-spot shots with our director, Tim Burton (Emarosa, Yellowcard.. Not the “James and the Giant Peach” guy.) The experience as a whole showed us how to work with each other on a whole new creative level. We shot it at Red Sky Studios, a stellar video production studio in Allston, MA. Our budget was also garbage, so everything you see we had to figure out how to pull off without a massive team or crazy equipment.

How was the recording and writing process?

Sayak – Both were incredible experiences. The song was mainly written between our guitarist, Matt, and myself. From there, Jake and Josh (drums) topped it with the cherry . We recorded with Mike Watts at VuDu Studios, the same place that our debut EP “Written Off, Moving On” was conceived. The team at VuDu is as professional as it gets, offering guidance and opinions that really have helped shape us as a band.

How’s your new EP coming along?

Sayak – Very nicely! We’ve been in the writing process for about 6 months now, since before Cheat was even announced. It’s nowhere near ready, but we’ve begun road testing some of the songs that we’d like to see make an appearance on it. With every release, we look to push our creative boundaries, and the new material is definitely a hard shove forward.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Sayak – Not at the moment. Right now, making sure the songs are at tip-top shape is our main priority.

What aspect of dream rock do you always seek to explore?

Jake – We’re pretty obsessed with cool sounds. Matt is a phenomenal producer, Sayak always has a whole bunch of random noise floating in his head, and Josh and I have a weird flare to our own playing and writing. I think the combination of all of this helps us in what we’re looking to do, capturing rock music in a way that challenges how people perceive the genre, culture, and established signature sound.

Would the whole album deal with sour relationships on this new record?

Sayak – Almost certainly not. We have a lot of different topics we’d like to hit. Besides, we’re surrounded by incredibly dedicated, good people. It’s hard to write multiple songs on the same subject while being creative, original, and most importantly- authentic.

Any plans to add more tour dates?

Jake – Of course! We’re always looking for opportunities the share our music. We’ll do anything that makes sense, and luckily man of the opportunities arriving because of this release do just that.

What else is happening next in Dreamer & Son’s world?

Jake – I’m trying to convince everyone to get a band dog. I think that would make us pretty official. But other than that, we’re going to be playing plenty of shows in New England before this summer’s big tour. It’s going to be ‘write, record, perform’ for a while, and hopefully we’ll have a new record out by early 2018.

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