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Flor Braier Releases New Music Video For “The Love Life Of An Octopus”

Flor Braier introduces her new music video, The Love Life of An Octopus, a preview of her new record, Nit, which already has a date for its virtual release (Feb 24th, 2017). Watch here

Directed by Natasha Braier and Nico Casavecchia, the video is an underwater journey where we see Flor in an octopus suit fighting against several imaginary creatures from the depths of the sea.

Flor speaking about the video and her relationship with the directors:

“I have been working with Natasha and Nico for a long time. When I released my first record (Pony Feelings), we filmed the music video for You Are So Apricot, the last song on the record (watch it here), in Barcelona. We all have a great understanding of one another, so the ideas flow easily. Making The Love Life of an Octopus was much more challenging for me. I am an actress, bur I had never had to improvise under water, putting my lung capacity to the test. When I was a little girl, I dreamt of being a marine biologist, and I have always been obsessed with the secret life of oceans. Frustrated careers… This is the closest I have ever been to Jacques Cousteau.”

Regarding the filming, Flor tells us:

“The video was filmed in Alella de Mar. The idea was to do long takes in which I could perform for quite some time without coming up for air, meaning, with a scuba tank. A scuba diver came with us, totally equipped with an oxygen tank, etc. But in the end, it wasn’t needed, I learned  to hold my breath instead and I had fun with that. I ended the shoot lying on a diving board feeling the dizziest I felt in my life, it was great !”

About the song Flor tells us:

“The song is about the polyamorous life of an octopus. Octopuses are flexible beings, lax, they don’t have bones, they have three hearts. The song talks about all that. The octopus fights against dyslexic crabs, ejecting ink to defend themselves against predators. All the images from the song show up in the video—like the octopus using camouflage and constantly changing color in order to survive in his environment, the bottom of the ocean.”

About the video and her inspiration, Natasha Braier (director) tells us:

“As a total fan of The Love Life of an Octopus from the first moment I heard it, I dreamt of making an underwater video for my sister. It was August in Barcelona, the perfect moment to take over my friend Patricia Martinez Felix’s pool in Alella, and while we were there, ask her to make the costume.

Flor Braier’s world made us think of pastel colors, that mixture of innocence and play with rock and roll. We needed a guitar that could get wet and weended up buy in gone from my assistant’s daughter for 20 euros, which already had the pentagram and the musical notes drawn on it—one of those details we couldn’t have come up with, and that I love. Flor had to learn to scuba dive in one hour, because the sun was setting. And I must say, of all the actors I worked with underwater, including Hollywood stars, I never me tany one who lasted five hours in the water like Flor did, nor did I ever meet anyone who could hold their breath for a minute and a half , improvise and do playback underwater!

We filmed it using an iPhone 6 in one afternoon. We then gave the material to the amazing Nico Casavecchia so he could build, through his animations, the world surrounding Flor.

We had already collaborated together with Nico in the filming of PonyFeelings, and now it’s impossible to imagine a video for Flor not made by this trio.

Nico did his magic once again, bringing us his drawings, his colors, those little characters full of soul, and that chorus made of dyslexic crabs dancing a choreography that fills me with emotionevery time I watch it. These two people are my favorite and most inspiring accomplices.”

About the video and her inspiration, Nico (director) tells us:

When I saw the footage of Flor playing guitar in the pool, surrounded by blue, the images brought up many ideas of how to create a world where the pool becomes an ocean filled with characters. The lyrics are full of incredible imagery. The process consisted of listening to the song with eyes closed and imagining how to bring the colors and imagery in the lyrics to the animations. I drew all the characters first and later animated each one with the help of anamazing group of friends who got to get her to help, for they love Flor’s work.”

Natasha Braier is an internationally acclaimed Director of Photography, lives in Los Angeles and has made films like “The Rover” with Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce,  and “The Milk of Sorrow”, nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar,  among many others. Her work in “The Neon Demon” —official competition in the 2016 Cannes Festival and Nicolas Winding-Refn’s new film— received international acclaim. She was recently asked to become a member of the Hollywood Academy of Arts and Sciences. Her career has included filming many diverse music videos, from LCD Soundsystem to Rihanna and The Weekend. She has also filmed for other artists like David Byrne, St Vincent, Soko and James Blake.

Nico Casaveccia is an Argentinean Director, screenwriter and illustrator currently living in New York. His work includes music videos, commercials and movies that use mixed production techniques. Nico directed “A Boy and HisAtom” (2013), a short stop-motion film created alongside IBM scientists. The film was made manipulating carbon monoxide molecules and was recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records as the smallest movie in history. “A Boy and His Atom” won a Gold and a Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions the year of its publication. “Finding Sofía,” his first feature film, was first shown in Bafici and the Austin Film Festival. Film Buffis in charge of its international distribution.

Nico’s work has won several prizes and has been shown in festivals around the world such as Siggraph in Los Angeles, Viedram Flim Festival in Rome, Holland Film Festival in Amsterdam, OFFF in Barcelona and others.

FlorBraier is an actress and musician. Her first record, Pony Feelings (2011), was recorded between Barcelona, Buenos Aires and London, and it was originally shown in Paris, London, Buenos Aires and several cities in Spain. Apart from the music video for “You Are So Apricot,” some of her unpublished songs reached the movies, becoming part of the soundtrack for feature films and short films like “To.Get.Her” (Audience Award en Sundance, 2010) and “Salesman In The Mirror,” among others. Alongside producer Robin Todd, she composed and recorded in London the music for “Random Strangers” by Alexis Dos Santos (Festival of Rotterdam and Sundance, 2011). In 2014 she edited “Rio,” her second piece of recording work that took her on a solo tour all over Spain. At the same time, she recorded in parallel with one of her projects, “Infante Mutante,” the EP “Itahuá” which came out in early 2014. “Nit” is her third solo album and her first Long Duration work, featuring an electro-pop sound, is more experiential and powerful, containing songs in  english, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan.


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