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How New Bingo Sites are Attracting a New Breed of Players

At the end of 2016 online bingo providers were already the biggest advertisers on the internet due to more and more players taking up the game. The influx of advertising revenue is also a result of increased competition for players as new bingo sites become available online or on mobile and look to build an audience. With over 100 million online bingo players worldwide it would seem that there would be no need for any advertising at all, but despite such large numbers, upcoming bingo sites now have to be able to stand out from the crowd to get noticed. Find out below how new bingo sites are attracting a new breed of player to their platform:

Online and Mobile Bingo

Any bingo provider that wants to succeed has to have an online website to begin with, but that in itself is no longer enough either. This is mainly because the widespread use of smartphones has seen many online services move to mobile platforms as that is where the eyeballs are in the modern age of the internet. An advantage of this is that it is now easier for players to discover the latest new bingo sites because of their availability on multiple platforms. Most websites will also have been optimised for the best viewing on mobile devices of all sizes.

However, many providers have also gone done the route of creating stand-alone apps which are available on the Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple’s App Store for iPhone users. For new bingo sites this is a marketing goldmine which allows them to target users according to demographics, interests and the like for better returns on their advertising spend.  As technology advances, online and mobile bingo will remain a strong platform on which to build on with other innovations such as virtual reality gaming and many others.

Tie-Ins with Major Popular Culture Brands

The number of people playing bingo has grown exponentially since the advent of mobile phones and as such new types of players have now been exposed to the game. The democratisation of bingo has seen people from all walks of life take up the game as a pastime which has led new bingo sites to be more innovative with the games they are offering. An example of this is tie-ins with popular brands, films, and characters that are designed to capture the interest of different demographics of new players.

Special Offers and Bonuses

Another common tool used not only by new sites but a majority of bingo providers is the use of special offers and bonuses, particularly for new users. Such offers are extremely popular with both new and veteran players as they tend to be quite generous and it allows them to try new bingo sites and games without losing any of their own money. Promotions include special offers for new signups and bonuses that double or even triple your first deposit. All this has helped to attract a new breed of player to online and mobile bingo, making the game more of a mainstream pursuit.

With a number of new bingo sites launching regularly, many are employing the methods discussed above and other innovative approaches to try and attract new users to their platforms. For both new and existing players, this is a good thing as the competition between providers increases the opportunity to find special offers, bigger bonuses and better value for their money.

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