PREMIERE: Beachwood Coyotes Debut One-Take Music Video for “Cage”

Beachwood Coyotes are back with the video for their new and highly catchy single “Cage”. The video takes the long shot concept to a whole new level by using technology on its’ advantage, we follow the band as they move from one scene to the other on different devices towards the end.

According to Director Chris De Barros, he want it the crowd to ask themselves, “How the hell did they do that?”” and the reality is that we’re asking just that, along with also “why?” It’s organized chaos that knows how to function well under the madness, and in the end, the musical genius of “Cage” are perfectly attuned to the difficult nature of the video.

Beachwood Coyotes - "Cage" [Official Music Video]

Jason is tripping balls in Hollywood at 2am. Having just taken acid for the first time, he navigates through a vortex of geometric displays comprising the essence of life before deciding he simply must go on a night hike up the Beachwood Canyon trail to the iconic Hollywood sign. The band Jason has played guitar in since age 16 has just broken up after years of cross-country tours, and he suddenly faces an uncertain future. Clearly a Hunter S. Thompson-esque journey is in order. Unfortunately for Jason, as he approaches the trailhead he spots a group of coyotes heading down towards him.  Have you ever seen coyotes on acid? They’re scary as hell. Jason retreats back to his apartment, wallowing in disappointment at another lost opportunity.

He discovers the next morning that 3 decapitated bodies were discovered on that very same trail, victims of an apparent gang hit. Time of death? The exact same time he was scared away. Did those beachwood coyotes save his life? You bet they did.

Suddenly songs start pouring out of Jason, years and years of relentless touring providing fertile subject matter for songs about the loneliness of life on the road and the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles. After bringing the hard-hitting rhythm section of bassist Drew Smith and drummer Bryan King on board along with Canadian guitar phenom Yan Clermont, Beachwood Coyotes is born.

The band retreats to a dark practice space and writes loud powerful songs with catchy beats and reckless melodic pop abandon. They design a DIY light show and pour every ounce of their energy into their live shows, which feature frequent stage diving and impromptu in-crowd performances. There will be no standing around with crossed arms at Beachwood Coyotes shows. The young band catches the attention of accomplished producer Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, Wavves, Hunny) and record their new single “Silence,” which MySpace Music calls “one of the bright spots of the LA underground scene.” Buoyed by a growing local fanbase and multiple successful tours throughout the western US, Beachwood Coyotes are currently recording their debut EP, to be released in spring of 2017.  God bless those damn coyotes.


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