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Answered by Michelle Turk

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey! Thank you for having us. We’ve been pretty good, thank you for asking. Especially now that our EP has been out since last Friday, when we made it available early during Bandcamp’s ACLU donation day, and a lot more people showed support than we originally thought would happen.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Behind Glass Walls”?

It was actually based off a song Mike (on drums) and I wrote back in 2011. It was a song that people who enjoyed our old band liked, but it was really juvenile in that phase. There was never a real solid recording of the song but we played it live for a few months. About a year and a half ago, we were kidding around like “what about this song?” I sent the old version of the song to our guitarist Andrew and he fell in love with it and rearranged it and sent it back to us within a few hours. When we started tracking in the studio, we were not going to record this song originally and then Mike was like “okay, I’d rather lay down a drum track for this right now” and we ended up running with it from there.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

In 2010 there was a very close friend to me who betrayed me and the person the song is about kept singling me out and bullying me in regards to that situation. I didn’t have the nerve to say any of this to her face at the time and I’m really glad I acted maturely in the moment but underneath all of that pretending to be the bigger person I thought, “well, who are you to be judging me?” I really thought about how those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and also considered how people will often take out the things they see in themselves on others. I thought about the Bible for a minute in there, too, and how she was telling people really untrue things about me. I felt really alone at the time and writing these bitchy lyrics about it made me feel better.

When we decided to bring it back, it made so much sense with the timing. People will say the WORST things on the Internet – slurs and stereotypes and all kinds of hatred. People will single you out and criticize you from behind the glass wall of their computer screen but it’s really more reflectional, like a mirror. People don’t know when to stop themselves anymore – they will go all out in bringing your intelligence and vibe down and complain about what you do. The quote from the Bible made even more sense, as people are ready to hunt for other people’s sins and flaws before realizing they too need to look inside themselves to reflect what needs change. We had a hope that the snarky language would be fun for people to sing along and imagine having their success despite people telling them what is wrong with them (behind all sorts of glass walls!)

Any plans to release a video for the single?

We eventually will be releasing a video (or six!?) with Lucien and Michela of Loose Seal Productions. We had hoped to get together sooner but they are swamped directing and writing videos for Funny or Die, Elite Daily, Mas Mejor, and more. If you head to their YouTube, you can find our guitarist Andrew acting in a lot of their work too (this one is my favorite). I have to recommend you sub to their channel because it’s hilarious and also ridiculous. They care about poking fun of broken society as much as we do, so I think it’ll be quite the match. The rest of us are looking forward to working with them especially in creating a music video that isn’t just a normal “stand there and perform your song” sort of bit.

Why did you choose to name the album after this track in particular?

We had a list of lyrics that we were going back and forth about naming the EP after. We even had a quote from the TV show Parks and Recreation in the list. This one just stood out given the subject matters of the Internet and how people will say just about anything when they think they are safe behind a glass screen of any kind.

How was the writing and recording process?

A lot of these songs were written over the last 2 to 5 years! In particular, “I Won’t Die” and “Behind Glass Walls” were written in 2011 by Mike, my friend Chase Winters, and me. They got lost in the sands of time for a bit and brought back to life. In the studio when we recorded them with amazing recording engineer and pretty much unofficial fifth member of Megaweapon, Nicholas Starrantino, we really had so much fun arranging the song, playing the synths and, working with all sorts of pedals. Recording the vocals was the most exhausting part for Erik, Andrew, and myself. “Behind Glass Walls” had a lot of little things that Nick heard us do and said “why don’t you do that on the recording?” He was behind the Beach Boys and Weezer styled “whoas” and “doot doots” at the end. He is always pushing us to have fun with things like that.

“Strictly 80s Joel” is one that Andrew and I wrote over beers and a lot of angry feelings about my old band breaking up and lot of judgmental people throwing insults at us. To which we responded, in Spanish too.

“Eyelids” was written by Andrew. I want to say people’s political opinions might have driven him mad – I know everyone can relate to that now. It was like maybe only a little while ago that people kept political and religious ideologies within their homes and private lives but in the last year it’s become this deafening roar – “Who’s right? You’re wrong!” It’s so loud and overwhelming if you’re safely trying to inform someone of your opinion or form your own opinion. Most of the opinions aren’t even spoken aloud, which is where the title “Eyelids” came from – like if you close your eyes you can try to shut it out. I was literally rolling my eyes while recording this to really get the “I’m tired of listening to your stupid ideas!” into my voice.

“We’re Legally Not Allowed to Talk About It” is about one of us who unfortunately was abused. There isn’t much that can be said other than one of us told the other one and they turned the story into the revenge song it is.

“The United Shakes” was my personal favorite to record. I wrote a lot of it on my own and then one day Andrew, my boyfriend Mike who used to play with us, and myself all sat down and really pieced it together.  We worked at VuDu Studios and their upright piano was beautiful to play. We wanted to give it the feel of a classic sort of love song. The song is about having feelings for someone and hoping they accept you exactly as you are. It’s really that questioning of “is he or she going to understand that I am exceptionally flawed and still choose to stay up and laugh or worry with me all night?”

What aspect of our society did you get to explore on this particular album?

We didn’t originally intend on this, but we got to explore the world as is right now. It’s angry but also within the society where memes and jokes are more appropriate to get your point across.

Any plans to hit the road?

We’re doing a brief weekend in celebration of Behind Glass Walls – starting at Roxy and Dukes in NJ, catching a wonderful DIY fest at Prattsville Art Residency on the mainland NY, and then back to our hometown on Long Island for Galentine’s Fest Long Island.

We’ll be doing more weekends throughout the year and going on a full tour in August, but it’s still in the works.

What else is happening next in Megaweapon’s world?

We’re going to finish writing a full length and supporting getting Behind Glass Walls into as many hands on the East Coast as possible. We’re going to be releasing a lot more on our YouTube and hope to release a deluxe version of Behind Glass Walls and split in time for Record Store Day.


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