Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Sadman”?

This song has been another step on my artistic journey of awakening and gaining awareness over life and relationships. It talks about a state, familiar for most individuals; a place they’ve been at themselves, or someone they’ve encountered at some point of their life. I’ve been the sad man myself at times, even though this song is not about me. I can recognize the tendencies in the human process, and I appreciate them, there is no judgement, just exploration of what it. I feel very connected to this piece mainly because I know that many can relate to it, and making them feel like they’re not alone in this excites me.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

I had two separate songs out there waiting to be recorded, and it struck me all of the sudden that in reality it was just one song. They merged and became one. I’d say it was a two step process, first step being inspired to write about this topic because it was something I was already thinking about, and second step, being inspired by someone I know while observing their life.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

The video is coming out in February, it’s a story of a girl who’s waiting for her guy to come back from the military. A day in their lives displaying her and his perspective. Both of them experience the same thing, yet how they do is different, and the question is who is the sad man in their relationship.

Does the new single mean we can expect new material – how’s that coming along?

My journey continues and the process of awakening and self-realization goes on. My songs get born on this journey. I don’t really try to sit down and write. I noticed my best songs come out of a discovery or some kind of realization. This is what I want people to experience, a moment captured on my path.

Can we expect more collaborations throughout this material?

My most successful collaborations have been with rapper Dragon-fly. I really enjoy co-creating with him because of the place he’s coming from and how we merge in our perception of reality, complimenting each other in our creative process. His journey has been very intricate, with many ups and downs, career transitions and realizations, and so has been mine. So far we have another song in the works which I’m looking forward to completing.

What aspect of hope and other uplifting messages would you be exploring/singing on this record?

We talk about life, the fight for the life one thinks they deserve and survival of the soul. Many people today go through so much, and some have to sacrifice their soul in oder to succeed. I think it doesn’t have to be this way. We as human beings are at the point of the evolution where we need to prioritize the soul, and nurture it. Material things don’t really mean anything once the soul has been lost, or when the spirit gets diluted during the pursuit. This is the fight I talk about in my songs, the fight that is worth living for.

Any plans to hit the road?

I’m currently exploring the LA scene, discovering local venues every month or so. LA has been the home of my art, and I’m honing my material within the familiar premises to be able to share the spirit with bigger crowds. One can find the schedule of upcoming performances on my website Dragon-fly joins most of my performances, we’re grateful for the chance to connect to those who are seeking truth.

What else is happening next in Reignbow’s world?

It’s been quite a ride ever since I moved to LA from Chicago. Every day has been new and full of growth and discoveries, most likely because this is what LA is about. Since day one that I moved to this town I noticed a spiritual shift that started this journey. My childhood was spent in particular way that outlined the way I functioned for the majority of my life, and lately I’ve reached a point of unwrapping myself from reality of the past as I am practicing being more in the moment; the scariest thing ever, but it’s worth it.

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