Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Heyyy! Thanks so much for having us. Really enjoying the ride, floating with but above the stream.

Can you talk to us more about the single “All Criminals”?

It’s an important composition, dedicated to ourwild society; As a strong statement and a purpose of conviction, I first selected a mid-tempo to create a solid confident beat, we build then, the entire rhythm section, drums and bass, in order to accentuate the drive of a pretty straight forward lyric. There is no diplomacy in our statesmen’s, this is because, basically, there is no more time for discretion. We utilized different elements on top of our compositions, instead of working with the guitars as main instruments, we move towards the keyboard, and then, only at the very end, we bring the guitars, forcing this hysterical instruments to be more musical and to build around the vocal parts. All Criminals is a reflection of our actions, a constant reminder, of how we are destroying our beautiful planet, this is why is the first song on the LP.

Did any event, in particular, inspire you to write this song?

Absolutely, just walk around and take a look at everything we do, perhaps for some of us, it may look like we are doing the right thing, not realizing that a simple ride in our cars, a simple ON and OFFelectrical switch or buying a beautiful plastic cellphone, made from the hands of an underpaid minor, is causing all these catastrophes. For most of us, nothing is critical; we just keep acting like a virus, so, DYK will try and try to deliver these episodes, this messages, just to see if someone like to be part of this movement, it just happened that music is our voice, our channel of transmission.

How was the film experience?

I being doing web design, graphics, animation, motion graphics, for at least 20 years, I can honestly tell you, it was a lot of hours of work, but, nothing will give me more satisfaction than seeing, listening at the final product, it is a great experience, hopefully,I’ll get some help for the next one to come.

The single comes off your new album World Without Face – what’s the story behind the title?

Great question, just take a look at a family having dinner together, well, the reality is that they are not together. The two kids, Jennifer and Michael are probably on their cellphones, Jenny is checking Instagram, some posting about POT, getting high, or where the party is going to be on Monday, while Michael is looking at some semi-naked 15 years old girls, maybe one of his friends just sent him some other type of video, who knows, mom or dad are not caring anyways. On the other side of the table is Kim, the mother (not to be confused with one of those Kardashians), she is checking the newest purses, and maybe going for the most expensive one. Dad, Mr. Richard, just got home from work, he was listening to the song Driving and Crashing, the food is cold, but Kim simply doesn’t care anymore, in fact, she is asking if he received the new credit card, he justpreferred to leave the table and watch TV until 10 or 11 p.m., go to bed and drive to work at 6 a.m. He will watch all the neighbors getting in their cars at the same time, doesn’t know their names; no one says good morning, they just drive. Millions of people are doing this, day after day, like automatons, like machines. Therefore, there is no real face to put on those cellphones, those TV screens, is a complete emptiness;everybody is more concern about having than being. In other words, we are all the same, no face, no identity, we copy each other, we are just a number in the system, no face. “World Without Face”.

How was the recording and writing process?

The writing process was, and still is a protest, is a reaction from waitingon so many talented musicians and writers to do something with their amazing gifts, so, instead of waiting on the guitar player, the singer to wake-up, to organized themselves and write, I took the conclusion and did it myself. Perseverance and determination are more important than talent. Because my main instrument is the Drum set, the inclination from creating drum solos, developed a different style of phrasing, more like a timbale answering to a bass line, the conversation is based on groove and rhythm. Once the words are laid out on paper, I have to present a scratch track, with my dull voice to our singer, he will take it from there and bring his talent on it.

How much did the 80s influence this record?

Oscar and me grew up in the 80’s; we were playing Rush, The Police, Marillion, Saga, Triumph, Level 42, New Wave, Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Super Tramp among many others, we were 14th at that time.I remember asking my parents fora special permits to play on local bars around Caracas. We got to see a lot of transitions, from the technological point of view, from analog to digital, from vinyl, cassettes, to CD, and then Streaming. From a huge heavy mixer into a nice digital interface. From Rock we moved to Fussion, Funk, particularly Jazz for Oscar, so, all that information comes very handy and opens a huge set of tools when it come to understanding and creating music.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

It depends, every piece is a challenge, I can’t not disconnect from my experience within the marketing world, I ‘ve been working on Design and Marketing for the past 10 years, so, there are lots of decisions that I only make, based on trends and logic. The inspiration comes as a spark, many times by listening to our surroundings, I will select a topic that matches the brand, and depending on this topic, I will choose other musical elements that will be in harmony with each other. For example, the song, “Driving and Crashing” is a no brainer, is people inside that corporate daily rush, so, the tempo is fast, at least 130bpm, the lyrics are pretty much like a RAP, you can’t be throwing long notes for the singer (Celine Dion style), it won’t be in harmony with the topic, it will be a foolish decision. There is a bridge, some others will call it a part “C”, where the drums and the bass creates some sort of beat displacement, this happens to all of us while we are driving, picture yourself, going fast and then slow, and fast, and slow, one traffic light after the next one, and then, you’ll find on of those school bus stopping everybody from moving forward. It is Driving and Crashing, is wild, same logic is applied to other compositions. I believe that, the best writers must experience what they are writing about.

Any plans to hit the road?

Certainly… this is coming, trust me;we will have dates pretty soon, looking forward for some shows around June-July.

What else is happening next in DYK’s world?

We are working on a new video, this time with the band on it, we will be announcing some very important changes for the band by the time this video comes out.We will be creating video for the “The Procrastinator”, we are also working in some really good new material, we are counting on adding these songs during the LIVE shows.

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