INTERVIEW: At Dawn’s Edge

1. Can you talk more about the latest single “Evil Flamingo”?

Certainly. We actually knew it would be our first single long before we even started recording the album. We thought it had the right balance of groove, electronic and orchestral elements, to make for an insightful debut single into what one could expect from the rest of the album. Also, the very first draft of Evil Flamingo was actually a much happier tune, before the stream of inspiration swerved the song in a different direction. It’s fun to think that in a parallel universe, Evil Flamingo may not have been quite as “evil”.

2. Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Alex: I would say the inspiration came more from a particular feeling, in this case of bittersweetness, rather than an event. I believe every action is both consequential and enlightening, which can bring about a lot of doubt. It’s that doubt and tension that I wanted to explore in this song, mixing darker moments with uplifting ones, melodically and lyrically.

3. How was the filming experience?

We did the whole thing, from set-up, filming, to take-down in a whopping 9 hours, so creative input, helping hands, and coffee were constantly being thrown around all day! It was our first music video shoot and definitely a learning experience for us. For example, we now know to check that when a studio provides a fan, it isn’t the equivalent of a hair dryer! All in all it was an exciting day, it progressed smoothly, and we are very proud of the result!

4. How was the recording and writing process?

The pre-production laid much of the groundwork for the song smoothly, establishing the tone and direction early on. The rest, the arrangement details, recording, and production were a pretty back and forth creative process. To carry the emotion and momentum forward we added layers, mixed effects and played with the mix as we went, to accent various parts of the narrative while keeping the dynamic flow. We were adding icing to the cake right up until we sent it off for mastering.

5. What role does Toronto play in your music?

Toronto has a pretty small but tight-knit metal community; nearly everyone knows and supports each other. The cultural diversity here has also made it very accessible for us to find and meet all sorts of players that specialize in non-Western instruments, which is a quality that helps and inspires our song-writing process.

6. How’s your new album coming along?

Musically it’s done, just putting some finishing touches on artwork, and the like.

7. Any tentative release date in mind?

We’re currently looking at an early spring release.

8. Any plans to hit the road?

No immediate plans while we promote the release of our album, but we’ll definitely be looking to tour later in the year.

9. What else is happening next in the At Dawn’s Edge world?

As we mentioned earlier, Toronto is home to many non-Western instrument players, with whom we plan to collaborate with on future recordings!

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