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INTERVIEW: Alt-Metal band Veio

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Structures”?

“Structures” is the first single off our new record, Infinite Light / Desperate Shadows. We chose this to be the first listen from the album because the song encompasses many different aspects of our music…proggy time-signature changes, a soaring anthemic chorus, emotional calms, and heavy, pounding rhythms. Its not your typical “radio-style” single, but we’re not your typical radio-style band. The song is a great first glimpse into what our new sound is!

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

We don’t fell that any one particular event inspired this song during the writing process. In fact, pieces of the song came from different members and even some of the riffs had been locked away in our heads for some time. On the flip side, some of them came about simply because we needed noise. So musically, it was just a song that we feel came together over time.

Lyrically, the song is about a journey through life that is both figurative and literal. Its about searching and being able to find a permanent, safe, and reliable home (as in a structure or somewhere you’re comfortable), but also to where one is journeying in life and an end destination spiritually. The front end of the lyrics are more storytelling while the chorus and bridges dig more into one’s emotions.

How was the film experience?

Hot and dusty! We shot the video in August and temperatures were in the 90’s. We were in direct Sun all day. It was filmed on private property south east of Mt. Hood, which in many shots, can be seen in the background. Super epic locale! It was also shot on two separate days…one day with the band and the other with all of the extras (with which we filmed at two other locations as well). It was exhausting but fun and well-worth the end product!

The single comes off your new album Infinite Light / Desperate Shadows – what’s the story behind the title?

Funny story actually… it was an artistic working title that a friend had tucked away for another music project. One day, he was rattling off a list of potential names for his project and Infinite Light / Desperate Shadows stuck out in an appealing way. Cam liked the imagery it could create for lyrics and story lines with the vocals so we just basically asked if we could use it. Obviously, he said we could and we moved on from there. Thanks Mark!

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording has been going great. Working with Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio in Portland has been a good experience. The writing, on the other hand, came with a bit more grinding of teeth and pulling of hair. Fifty percent of the band is a new line-up for this project so we really had to learn to work as a new team. Everything ended up great and now that we’re through round-one together, I’m sure the next one will come a bit easier.

What role does Portland plays in your music?

Portland is an odd city, as you may well know… haha. We all love this town and it has a great music scene, but its definitely not OUR scene. The styles that have been most popular in recent years range from your hip indie rock, alt-country, metalcore, and doom metal. We have a really hard time finding bands that fit our somewhat niche genre and some people just don’t dig our style. There’s a lot of great musicians and bands in the city and we’ve received some fantastic support, but its definitely a hard sell for us here. That being said, GO BLAZERS AND VOODOO DONUTS AND STUMPTOWN COFFEE AND NIKE!!!

What struggles did you get to explore and fight throughout the record?

Well as mentioned above, the writing process wasn’t super smooth. We didn’t butt heads badly, but at times there were a few bumps in the road. That’s expected to happen in any sort of team environment and we pushed through it. Also, we almost released the record in October. After further thought, we came to the conclusion that a Spring release would be better for us. Because of this, we got back in the studio to record four additional songs as well. All this being said, we are really happy with the team we’ve built and satisfied with the new project, so world domination here we come!

Any plans to hit the road beyond the West Coast dates?

Yes! We’re currently researching and in talks to book another shorter tour for the early Summer and then hopefully a longer tour in the last third of the year! We also try to get out on regional weekend stints as often as we can, hitting Seattle, Spokane, Tri-Cities, Boise, Eugene, Medford, etc. Even Vancouver BC is on our radar for these. Right now we’re up for anything and want to be on the road whether its a US tour, Canada, or overseas.

What else is happening next in Veio’s world?

Man… aside from the above blurb on touring, we’re ready to make this band our business. We are really excited for the release of this video and record. We’ll also be shooting at least one other music video for the album with Totally Serious Productions. Those guys are also coming on tour with us to document the shows and shenanigans so stay tuned for a tour video as well. Other than that, this year should be a fun one for us in building our name and hopefully we’ll be hitting a city near you to throw down some grooves!


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