Hi MarieLine, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been great, thank you.  Tired, though… I wonder if it’s because I don’t eat meat anymore.  I should look into that (Haha)…  I’ve actually cheated over the Holidays and had beef Wellington to see if it’d make me feel better (also to avoid the inevitable family inquisition over that change..) and I have to say, I still don’t have the answer to my fatigue…

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “I Don’t Have Time For This S#!t”?

Well, the title says it all!  I have nothing to add:-)

No, but in all seriousness, if I can be serious with this song, we all think that, almost every day! Whenever I bump into someone who’s heard the song or someone who sees me walking around with my I Don’t Have Time For This S#!t t-shirt, they ALL acquiesce and agree and laugh.  I went out in the streets of NYC the other day, from Harlem to the East Side to Central Park, to shoot a video asking people what they don’t have time for. And everyone we stopped had something poignant to say.  From the mother hurrying to get all her stuff done to the street seller to a police officer to the subway guy to a guy on a motorcycle, they all connected to the song and couldn’t agree more with the simple truth of the track.  I’m a mother now and I just don’t have time for BS anymore, especially in a city like NYC. And to me, it just made sense to put it out as a statement song.

Did any event in particular, inspire you to write this song?

Actually, the inspiration for this song came when I was complaining about something (I am French after all:-) to my singing coach and friend Franni Burke. Before our sessions, we like to catch up and chit chat. I don’t remember what I was bitching about, probably my husband (!) and at the end I said “you know? And I don’t have time for this shit!” We both started to laugh hysterically and I looked at her with a sparkle in my eye and said “that’s the title of my next song, I am totally writing a song about this!”

So that’s how the first verse of my song became I’ve got a baby on my lap / with a diaper full of crap / I’ve got my man in the kitchen asking what’s for dinner / I don’t have time for this s#!t

How was the film experience?

Awesome! I’m so proud of the director Ibra Ake and his friends who were involved in the shooting. We did it all in one day.  It was SO hot that summer day.  We started in Brooklyn, I got a ticket for changing lanes supposedly without the signal (I should have contested that in court!), shot the bar scene in my friend’s restaurant in midtown, shot in my apartment, on Broadway, and in the subway, ended back in Brooklyn for the Pharmacy scene.  It was exhausting but so fun.  Everyone was such a good trooper from super early in the morning to super late at night. I’m very impressed with the end result, absolutely love it and I wish them all the best.  Ibra is in LA now apparently.

How was the recording and writing process?

Well, I actually recorded the song in my home studio. I’m not much of a musician but I created the track on my Logic Pro and recorded my vocals in my bedroom!! I then sent this skeleton of a song to a producer in LA whom someone who knew someone directed me to.  They reworked my music a bit, made it sound more professional but they actually kept those scratch vocals.  I told them I should re-record them in a proper studio etc, but we tried it and we all agreed the initial vibe of the scratch vocals in my bedroom was perfect for the track.  And I love it still, you can actually hear it.  I think it’s very befitting of the message, I don’t have time for this shit….

How’s your new album coming along?

I have an EP coming out, 3 songs I’m super proud of.  It’s entitled Time Has Come. The sound is different, more seductive but it’s still as bare.  I guess I like simple music, in a good way. The title of the EP is based on the first song coming out about where I am in my life and my overall philosophy in life of live and let live.  I’ve grown and I feel more at peace with myself.  I own my beliefs, as long as I don’t hurt anyone else, I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t do the same. I wrote this song last year after Caitlyn Jenner came out and after the devastating terrorist attacks that took place in my hometown of Nice in France.  That’s how I wrote the lyrics Be what you need inspired by her and There’s a time for courage / and this time has come inspired by the anger I feel towards the modern scourge that is uneducated radicalism.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?


Would all songs deal with frustration?

I guess Time Has Come is about frustration also.  How can anyone judge me, as a person?  How can anyone decide for someone else whom they’re allowed to love or whom they’re allowed to be? I’m flabbergasted that someone would feel more important than the other, that he or she could condemn without having walked for a second in that other person’s shoes.  And in the time where the master bully in chief is in command, I am very wary of what’s to come next.

The other songs in my EP are more sensual or seductive, more light hearted. I guess there’s always a sense of frustration when it’s about wanting someone. I just love to write what women think about and don’t talk about as much..

Any plans to hit the road?

I definitely want to and you’ll be the first to know once it’s confirmed.

What else is happening next in MarieLine’s world?

I’m super excited about the merchandise coming out for I Don’t Have Time For This S#!t.  We’ll have t-shirts, onesies (so appropriate!), notebooks (instead of the boring To-Do list), luggage tags, aprons… I want this to be a phenomenon, especially for women out there to just say “you know what darling? I don’t have time for this shit!”

I’m also working on a Take Me Away anti-bullying campaign.  I wrote a song entitled Take Me Away about my uneasiness growing up different and suffering from the bullying and low self-esteem that ensued. I want to put my two cents out in the world and if I can help one teenager feel better about him or herself than my life will be complete.

And I’m busy with everyday life, being a mother in New York, it’s challenging every day.

You can find the video here: follow me and my journey through all my social media!:

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