Quality Goods Records Shake Up The Start Of 2017 With Artist Compilation

Projecting a hugely promising message to the bass scene this week is UZ and his team at Quality Goods Records, having just put together and released a ten-track compilation album. Titled “QGRC-002,” this is the second various artist LP to land on the newly developed imprint, and it is both fierce and fresh.

Opening with Masayoshi Limori’s distinctive “Hello,” it moves swiftly into new material from Dimebag & Pasdat, Blvk Sheep and Jhin. Atik‘s “Ghostride” is thickly atmospheric and builds to a real climax, with Rfen & Nuar, Perk Pietrek and Skepper following suit. “Jam Dizzle” from Hydraulix & Quin is all sorts of punchy, before the LP is closed thanks to Revazz & Tynvn with “Masticator.”

You can purchase “QGRC-002” here. 

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