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Hi Shanahan, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

A. I’ve been great, thanks so much for asking! Super excited about 2017 and exploring new ideas within the music industry! Thanks for having me guys!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Wasting Time”?

A. Wasting Time was a project that took me quite a while to put together. Ruby and Enhanced sent over a vocal idea that I was truly blown away with. Once I started writing ideas around Ruby and her chord progression, things started to take shape! Over a year later of taking my time on every section of the track, Wasting Time was finally born. It’s most definitely one of my favorite projects I’ve worked on over my 15 year career.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

A. There was not a specific event that happened in my life – But when I actually heard the hook line of Wasting Time – I started to circulate a vision for how we could connect this record to a lot of the listeners. Wasting Time can be a very jam-­‐packed phrase for anyone at any point in his or her lives; we really felt this vocal could connect with the listeners! For me vocal tracks are all about making an impact on the listener and making them feel like they are apart of the track through lyrics!

Any plans to release a video for the single?

A. I do not believe we are doing an official music video, but right now we have lyric videos and most of all my in the studio walk through that I usually do for all my records. I prefer doing in the studio walk throughs of the entire track to try and connect with fans or other artists to see if they will benefit from the production process!

How was the recording and writing process?

A. Ruby actually did the recording process of the vocal without me. Once Enhanced sent the vocal acapella to me I right away fell in love with an idea around it. The best part of my writing process with vocalists is that I have a clean slate. I sit there in the studio for hours just playing the vocal alone, nothing else is going on around the vocal! This gives me time to adjust to chord progressions, bass drops, piano riffs, guitars that are in my head. Than I start the writing process around Ruby with my guitars and pianos. Once I feel like I have a solid chord progression under Rub, I start to take things into the computer and laying out instruments & percussions!

What was it like to work with Ruby Prophet and how did that relationship develop?

A. It was very smooth and simple, in a good way! We connected on Facebook as I always do with all my vocalists and thanking them for working so hard on the vocals. She’s a super humble and professional writer that I would love to work with again on another record. The entire process  from writing vocals to mastering my track was a true blessing; Ruby was a huge part in the success of this track!

How much did she influence the song?

A. She was a huge part – Hearing only the vocal for 1-­‐2 days was how I started the entire project. without her acapella I wouldn’t of had a record even close to done. The fun thing with vocals is the freedom to write within the key scale they sing! After sitting in the studio for so long while playing her vocal back and forth on solo, I started to understand progressions on guitar and piano that would develop into a full dance drop & arrangement! This is a standard way of how I build and produce  every  single  vocal  track  within  my  dance  catelogue!

Known for collaborating with other DJs and artists, do you take a different approach when you write for your own than when you are working with or for someone else?

A. Yes, most definitely I think the writing process is very different when writing alone than with  others on a project. I truly love collaborating with Artists that I can gel with such as, Tritonal, Disco Fries, Michael Brun, & more. These type of collaborations are always different simply because every Artist has a different style! It almost benefits both sides of the Artists because you learn something from each other, no one is a perfect producer, there’s always room for learning! When writing alone on solo projects, I do not think as much, in a good way. I tackle the projects head on with my vision and trust my gut, you know? I don’t prefer doing one of the other; every project I take on is going to be done with the same amount of work ethic.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material -­‐ how’s that coming along?

A. Yes for sure! I have already 5 or 6 singles in production right now that I am plucking away with.  Both instrumental and vocal tracks that I am super excited about! I plan on keeping my style as I have always stayed true to my sound, but going to be giving a bit of a deeper sound in 2017. I want to keep pushing forward with the Shanahan brand, but keep things fresh with new elements, such as live instruments!

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

A. I have a collaboration coming up with Enhanceds Juventa, which is going to be totally out of this world unique! Something that I have never done within my brand, I can’t wait to keep putting out unique records. To me it’s all about the music, not the genre and style, just make great records!

Any plans to hit the road?

A. Right now I do not have traveling plans, as every year I try to lock down specific months were I stay in the studio and write as much as I can. Usually during winter months I try to lock my self down and not worry about gigs and shows. I tend to lose focus or cannot write while on the road, don’t get me wrong they are incredibly fun.  Most likely this spring and summer I will get back on the road to play all the new music I have written within the prior months!

What else is happening next in Shanahan’s world?

A. More singles will be coming, they excite me more and more each release! I love working with Enhanced and the team treats me extremely well. I will keep working on my tutorial series for Vandalism Sounds, which is doing super well on tutoring Artists from around the world! Also, on a side note outside of the music world, I plan buy my own house with my wife in 2017! See you all soon!

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