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Can you talk to us more about your single “Sports”?

Right from the birth of the demo it was called Sports because of it’s sporty sound and atmosphere. Even though the song changed a bit, getting its vocals and lyrics there was never any idea of changing its name. Like I said it’s a sporty tune and we’ve compared it to running a marathon (in a good way).

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Probably just the music in the song. It inspired us to go on and go on and go on (like a marathon).

The video on the other hand was inspired a lot by the Olympics 2016, such amazing body techniques and strength.

Why did you name the record after this track in particular?

We thought the track mirrored the album quite well. It’s a great theme to work around visually and gave us so much creative freedom. Athletes are always competing against themselves and so are we in our music.

How was the recording and writing process?

In the writing process it all starts out with a bunch of demos. Some good, some bad and some with potential. The interest shifts a lot between demos during the first stages but at some moment we find a feeling that brings a focus to certain songs that can fit an album and those we take to to the studio. Then it goes in circles, we find an old demo or a new demo that fits the sound and we bring that up to speed as a candidate for the album.

We recorded the album in the Reykjavík area. All the basics and the demos we did at our studio but then we went into Hljóðriti Studio three times for a two week longish sessions each time to do larger recordings.

What was it like to work with Nick Zinner and how did that relationship develop?

First of all, Nick is a great guy so working with him is never anything but brilliant. Nick did a remix of a song off our debut album ‘Few More Days to Go’, which we really liked. Later we did a radio edit of another track from that album with him and in that same session we tried working on some new songs together. That worked well and 8 months later Sports was ready.

How much did he get to influence this album?

His biggest impact was pushing us to write more. There were songs and parts we had decided that were ready, but Nick got us to write more – some worked, some didn’t. He came in with a pair of fresh ears and managed to act like a director rather than a writer.

How does this album showcase a maturer side of the band?

First of all, we’ve grown a lot since the first demos of Few More Days to Go were written. This album is a way more sophisticated, more focused soundscape and we knew more what we wanted to do with this album after playing so much together live since the last album was made. We are just more confident and experienced.

Does Iceland still plays a major role in your music?

Still as in never? It’s just our environment and we know how to get around in it, it’s not close to be a major role in our music.

What aspect of sports did you get to explore on this particular record?

The constant competition with your self that athletes are always participating in. Beating your personal records, that’s what we’re doing, being better then yesterday.

Any plans to hit the road?

Next up is our UK tour in February! We’re playing in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, London and Brighton. 

What else is happening next in Fufanu’s world?

We are putting together a new video that is taking most of our time at the moment, and we’ll be releasing a brand new track from the album very very soon…

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