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INTERVIEW: Chrysalis

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We’ve been great.  We’re excited to finally put out this record.  Can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Can you talk to us about your latest single “My Eternity”?  Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Not particularly.  We just had this great guitar riff that we knew could the foundation for a good heavy rock song.  A friend of ours wrote lyrics for it based on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  When we put everything together bass, drums, vocals, guitars, keys ect. The result was a song that we knew a lot of people would like.  We started playing it in front of live audiences about a year ago, and the reaction was great.

Your video for “My Eternity” has a horror theme – can you tell us how you came up with the concept and what it was like shooting the video?

We wanted to do something different with this video.  We didn’t want it to be the typical video with 5 dudes playing their song in an abandoned warehouse somewhere; every band does that.  We wanted to do something that would stick out a little.

We liked the idea of doing something big and cinematic because bands on our level don’t really do that.  Horror seemed like the obvious thing to shoot for since the song has a darker vibe.

We had seen the awesome work of director Jonathan Martin, so we contacted him to do the video.  He’s the one that came up with the revenge story.  It’s a fun video.  It’s dark horror, but also kind of cheesy in a cool way.

It was the first big production we’ve ever been a part of, and it was fun watch the sets get built and see the actors do their thing.

The single comes off your new album Reminder – what’s the story behind the album title?

It has to do with relationships that slip away over the years and the occasional flashbacks & memories that come from the past experiences of those relationships.

How was the recording and writing process?

Long and tedious.  We spent about two years writing and recording this record.  Anytime you have to come up with enough songs to put on an album, there’s a feeling of pressure.  There’s always self-doubt, like are we going to be able to do this?

We had pieces of about 15 songs and went into the studio with Ulrich Wild.  He was a lifesaver.  He really helped us get everything together.  He has a “just get it done” type attitude.  Don’t over think it.  His experience and knowledge really helped, I don’t know what we would have done without him.  He’s also worked on some of our favorite Deftones records, so it was cool to talk to him and hear his stories about working with them.

Most rock recordings these days use sample replaced drums and guitars from amp simulators.  Everything on our recording is real.  Real acoustic drums, and real guitars straight out of tube amps.  We’re very proud of that.  I think it gives our record a more natural feeling than most of the rock/metal records out there these days.

We’re also proud of the collection of songs we wrote for this album.  There’s no filler material on it.  We really took the time to hone each song till we felt it was worthy of being put on the album.  We tweaked everything until we brought out the full potential of each song.

The cover gives me this feeling of abandonment and loneliness – are you exploring some of those themes in this material?   Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics on the album?

Yeah for sure.  Like I said early it’s about relationships that slip away over time.  Loneliness and abandonment can definitely result from that.  It’s strange how a person can be such an important part of your life then it’s over.  I’m talking about all kinds of relationships, not necessarily romantic.  Friends, family and colleagues can fade away over time as well.  It’s part of the modern day human experience I suppose. I think humans evolved in an environment where their relationships were always steady.  The people you knew were set for life; your family and tribe mates.  People moving away for careers and things is a modern day phenomena.  It’s not natural if you think about it, and it can sort of make you feel all alone as a human.

You have some upcoming tour dates – what are your touring plans for 2017?

We’re going to be touring the southern part of the USA in January and February with FLAW.  After that we’ll be hitting the west part of the country for awhile.  We plan on doing a nationwide tour eventually this year.

Tour dates




Jan 13, 2017

The Warehouse

Clarksville, TN The Warehouse

Tickets & More

Jan 14, 2017

The Firebird

St Louis, MO The Firebird

Tickets & More

Jan 15, 2017

Outland Ballroom

Springfield, MO Outland Ballroom

Tickets & More

Jan 17, 2017

The Elbow Room

Wichita, KS The Elbow Room

Tickets & More

Jan 18, 2017

Thunder Alley

Oklahoma City, OK Thunder Alley

Tickets & More

Jan 19, 2017

The Rail Club

Fort Worth, TX The Rail Club

Tickets & More

Jan 20, 2017

18th St. Pier

San Leon, TX 18th St. Pier

Tickets & More

Jan 21, 2017

BFE Rock Club

Houston, TX BFE Rock Club

Tickets & More

Jan 23, 2017

Grizzly Hall

Austin, TX Grizzly Hall

Tickets & More

Jan 24, 2017

My Place

Abilene, TX My Place

Tickets & More

Jan 25, 2017


Lubbock, TX Backstage

Tickets & More

Jan 26, 2017


Albuquerque, NM Launchpad

Tickets & More

Jan 27, 2017

Club Red

Mesa, AZ Club Red

Tickets & More

Jan 29, 2017

Brick By Brick

San Diego, CA Brick By Brick

Tickets & More

Jan 31, 2017


Corona, CA M15

Tickets & More

Feb 01,2017

West Hollywood, CA  Whisky A Go-Go

Feb 24 ,2017

                             Fresno, CA          Dynamite Vinyl


What else is happening next in Chrysalis’ world?  Anything in particular you’d like to share?

We’re just trying to do everything we can to get our music to as many people as possible.  We think ‘Reminder’ represents our best work to date, and we feel it could be a major breakthrough for us.


Watch here and Keep in touch with Chrysalis:

Official Website: http://ChrysalisBand.Com

Facebook: http://FaceBook.Com/ChrysalisBand

Twitter: http://Twitter.Com/ChrysalisBand

Instagram: http://Instagram.Com/ChrysalisBand

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/64xEyOvXAdAs03tx6exTn6

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1169192365?ls=1&app=itunes

Youtube: http://YouTube.Com/ChrysalisMusic

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