INTERVIEW: Maytal Michaeli

Hi Maytal, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi VENTS ☺ I’m very good, actually, the song is getting much love and that makes me very happy and emotional. It is very easy to get tears to my eyes these days…

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Heart”?

HEART is a song I wrote a few months after my mother passed away. It is full of love and pain.

I feel blessed that I could do something beautiful and meaningful with my loss – to create something. The most talented Itai Tsuk- an Israeli musician and a very good friend of mine, produced the song. Itai’s special sound and attitude gives this intimate, soft & scratching song, it’s deep colors and allows space for the vocals and lyrics to reach the listener’s core.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Yes. My mother passed away. It was sudden and we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. The song deals with that and writing and working on it helped me deal with that.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Yes. There is a video we already filmed. In the video I am getting a tattoo. The story behind this tattoo is that for my 29th birthday my mother gave me a notebook with all her recipes. In the first page she wrote a few words, and signed “With love, Mom”. Two days later she had a cardiac arrest. I decided to get a tattoo in her handwriting. Ayal Yishay, the director of the video, came with me and documented the whole day. All the participants of the video bring their own true love story. Together it tells a story about love, loss, hurt, joy and about saying goodbye.

The single comes off your new album I Am Project – what’s the story behind the title?

The I am project also started from a tattoo I have on my neck – “I Am”. I wanted to make an album of songs about who I am and about the connection of the self and other. It was in a time when I was dealing with a breakup that reminded me that no matter what- we are alone in this world, and that’s not a bad thing. The only way we can really be together and have a true loving relationship with the important “others” in our lives, is if we understand and accept that.

How was the recording and writing process?

I wrote the song in a morning after dreaming about my mother. I love dreaming about her. It’s a chance to see her and touch her and really feel her presence. I woke up and I felt like writing. The lyrics and music just came to me, together. Only a few months later I wrote the second A part. The vocals in the song are actually from a rehearsal with the” I am Project” band. Emmanuel Gruffy, the guitarist and I played the song and there were a few people in the room- the other band members and a few friends. When we finished I noticed everybody in the room was crying. We knew we had to use that take.Luckily it was recorded. Everything else is built around it.

What role does Israel play in your music?

Honestly I don’t know. I think Israel is a significant part of who I am. I spent almost all my life here. I really love Hebrew. I love it so much it makes it difficult to write songs in Hebrew. I can’t keep things simple in Hebrew. I get lost in the language. I love the Israeli food and the warmth of the people.

Would this be a fully English album or can we expect some songs in Hebrew?

This specific project is in English only.

What personal tragedies and sad moments did you get to explore on this record?

As I said, the death of my mother.Besides that, the album contains songs from a period of time when I was in a difficult relationship with a depressed partner.  I wanted to get out of that relationship for a long time. But I think mostly in this project I explored the separation included in growing up, becoming an adult who needs to take care of herself.For me it was a tuff process. Being alone and not going from one relationship to another and then losing my mom really helped me get through that process and get to know me better- including my weaknesses and strength. Today I am happily married and I trust myself and I have much more confidence in my choices, my body, my mind and my heart.

Any plans to hit the road?

Totally! But there’s nothing specific to tell about yet!

What else is happening next in Maytal Michaeli’s world?

I am now in the stage of writing new songs and performing in Israel. And I can’t wait for the world to hear more of the I Am Project.

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