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INTERVIEW: The Blondies

1. “Just Another Evening” touches on some very real, and very serious subject matter—what made you decide to address that?

 Every song I write comes from something thats real to me, and Just Another Evening was no exception. At the time, I was hearing a lot of really terrible stories of incidents that had happened at house parties, and frats surrounding date rape. What arose from that was a pretty large fear that something would happen to somebody close to me. That fear is what motivated me to write the song. It was interesting to take something like love which I write about all the time and show a real sad, and scary side of it.

2. Was the song written, and finished and THEN the video concept followed or was that always the general idea/intention of “Just Another Evening”

I always had the concept for the video in the back of my mind as I was writing the song, but it definitely became more evolved throughout the process. It wasn’t until I sat down with Jeremy Stuart, the director, and really laid out each scene with him that I had a cohesive visual in my mind of how the end product would look. Then to see it on the screen was a whole other story. You can imagine it might be pretty insane to watch that kind of thing for the first time in a physical format after having it brew in your mind for months.

3. What was the filming process of the video like?

We had to be super efficient during filming because we had really limited time to get it done. We started at about 8 in the morning, and by 6 that evening we had all the shots we needed. While we were shooting the climax scene that gets really heavy I remember the mood being this mix of real uneasiness and excitement. Even though the whole thing was all just acting, it felt almost too real in the moment. I’m very grateful to my friends who acted in the video and were able to make it an emotional experience for the viewer. It’s crazy we were able to get the result we did with a bunch of people who had never been on camera before.

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