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INTERVIEW: Christina Rubino

Hi Christina, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey there! Thank you for having me… I have been doing great, just very, very busy (in a good way) with this album, music video and single.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Godspeed & Guns”?

Sure. Godspeed and Guns is the title track of the upcoming album set for release on Jan 6th, 2017. It was produced by Jerry Farley and features Johnny Phillips from the band Burlap to Cashmere on lead guitar. It’s a song about a couple of chicks on the road looking for bad men… men who like to hurt women. They find these men and make them go away. They don’t regret anything they do, in fact – had they known beforehand that this whole way of life wasn’t going to work out… they actually would have done it faster and harder. Hence the chorus and song title- “If I would have known that this war could not be won, I would have taken Godspeed and Guns.” Meaning – no regrets. F*** it. I would do it again but 10 times worse. When we did the video, we specifically chose certain male stereotypes to kill. I think personally I would like to do away with certain types of men. We have the stereo-typical Brock Turner college date rapist type whose body gets dragged down the beach. He had to go. Then we have that guy – you know that guy – the one who thinks its okay to grab your behind or touch you without your permission? Yea – he gets it too. I don’t like the popular concept of women being these victims of a big mean society who just won’t treat us as equal. Forget that nonsense. I wasn’t raised like that. If you want respect, you take it. And for the record – you can do that without killing people lol.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

No one single event can ever inspire an entire killing spree, or a song about a killing spree lol. The song (or the spree) is more like the mutant emerging from the sludge of many events. The song arrived into my mind in one full swoosh – the lyrics, melodies and chord progressions crashed into my head and the song basically wrote itself. The visuals were so strong that I couldn’t play it for someone without explaining what they should be seeing – these were the seeds for the music video we made. I think I have a lot of this sludge still inside of me, and I have been working through it the past few years. I’ve seen a lot and lived through quite a bit. I have known some very bad men, and some very strong women. In fact – bad men and strong women shaped and raised me. I am probably the mutant growing from that sludge just as much as this song is. If I had to name a single event, I guess that event would be my life lol. Probably my sister’s life too, which is why I asked her to star in the video as the main character.

How was the film experience?

Absolutely amazing. Film is something I would love to get more involved in eventually. Frankie Nasso, the director, was such an outstanding visionary during this project. He owns the studio I record in, and the idea to work together on this video came when he wandered into the mixing room and heard the song. He loved the song, and it dawned on me that he was a film-maker, and I should tell him the visual I kept seeing. Well – you just saw the lightbulbs going off in his eyes and his creative spirit flared right up. That got me super excited – that someone else could see what I was seeing.

The actual process of filming was a tremendous amount of work, but the team Frankie assembled was amazing – many of them personal friends of ours. Even though it was grueling work, many close, creative bonds were formed and I am so grateful for those divine connections… you can’t beat a bunch of artists together sharing a single vision shooting for a common goal. Absolute magic, from concept to final edit.

Why naming the album after this track in particular?

In a lot of ways this song embodies where I am at this point in my life. I will not let my past, or anyone else’s past victimize me. I won’t stand in the shadow again. Nothing will hold me back from living boldly and fearlessly. I won’t accept limitations, and I will slay any demons inside that are trying to instill fear and limitation in me. The song title is a landmark for me, and this album is the result of that landmark.

How was the recording and writing process?

My writing process is strange. I know that professional songwriters advise to just write and write and write, practice-practice-practice writing songs. I get that, it’s important. It’s just not my way. When I write a song, it’s more like a swoosh. The idea lands on me quickly, and I have to scramble to catch that butterfly. The chord progression, lyrics, feeling and story hit at once. Then I take this zygote of a song to my producer, the Jerry Farley himself… he too is a visionary in so many ways. As soon as he heard Godspeed, he immediately formed a musical environment for it in his mind. He sent me some Mariachi El Bronx songs, and I was like, YES. This vibe. His creative antennas are able to reach right up into the inspiration and take a song further. He also plays every instrument and even dips his toes in vocals. He literally plays every instrument that either me or a guest are not playing on this album. Drums, bass, vocals – African finger piano – everything. He’s incredible. He also engineered, mixed and mastered the whole record. It’s a joy to record with him. He tortures… er… challenges me to be better, and as a result – I get better.

What traumas get to inspire the lyrics on this material?

Let’s just say I grew up in the kind of house where you covered bullet holes in the dining room table with placemats. I will just leave it at that so as not to traumatize any readers lol.

Any plans to hit the road?


What else is happening next in Christina Rubino’s world?

We are playing with the idea of creating a very different video for a piano ballad on the album. And of course, the release of the full length “Godspeed and Guns” in January.

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