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INTERVIEW: The Show Ponies

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Doing good!  Glad to be talking with y’all.  We’re driving through Oregon, and the common cold has wreaked havoc on four out of the five of us, but we’re making it. Nyquil is a hell of a drug, and Oregon is a beautiful state.  (JHH)

Can you talk to us about your single “The Time It Takes”?

“The Time It Takes” is really a song about being patient.  It’s about wanting something so badly that by the time your desire is finally granted, you have a whole new appreciation and respect for the thing you’ve been chasing after.  Then you realize why it took you so long to get what you wanted.  (CRC)

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Not one single event inspired the song, but anticipating getting married to my (then) finance (now) wife must’ve been the biggest inspiration for the song.  I spent a good amount of time before knowing her wishing I could’ve found the right person.  Looking back then, I wasn’t the right person for anyone either.   If I would’ve gotten what I wanted when I wanted, it would’ve been a disaster. (CRC)

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Yes! We’ll be releasing a video on November 21st!  Be on the look out! (JHH)

Why did you name the album How It All Goes Down?

I feel like the title “How It All Goes Down” has a lot of anticipation and even foretelling wrapped up in the name.  It seems like most of the people making future forecasts these days are not expecting good things to happen.  But such foretellers in the past have been wrong and dwelling on doomsday is destructive.  “How It All Goes Down” is about giving up catastrophic thinking and living with a love perspective no matter what goes down. (CRC)

How was the recording and writing process?

In the past we’ve produced ourselves.  This time, we brought on producer Andy Freeman, who brought a totally different and welcome vibe to the whole process.  These songs gestated for a long time before we got into the studio, and we like that we were able to sit with them for a good while before we got into the studio to record them.  We think it’s the best stuff we’ve done yet.  But we’ll let our fans decide that.  (JHH)

What role does Los Angeles and San Francisco play in your music?

Los Angeles is our home.  It’s a city that has very much helped to shape who we are as musicians and as people.  That shows through in the music and especially the lyrics.  Los Angeles is a place where lots of aspiring musicians come to hone their craft and make great music, and it’s not easy.  This city makes it hard, but it’s also nurturing in a strange way. San Francisco, and especially the Tenderloin, was actually an inspiring place to be when we recorded our record.  There’s a lot of success and a lot of money in San Francisco, but there’s also a lot of heartache and a lot of brokenness.  This is never more clear than when walking through the Tenderloin and seeing dense and numerous groupings of homeless people, many of which are mentally ill.  It certainly provided the emotional palette for the record. (JHH)

What aspect of failure did you get to explore on this record?

The song “Folks Back Home” explores failure.  It’s a sort of exploit into, “what if this music thing doesn’t work out?”  Making a living as a musician is not easy and often times obstacles arise where continuing seems impossible.  I’ve surmised that failure is putting so much value on your art or your profession, that everything else around you becomes less valuable.  Idolizing success is failure within its self. You can have a successful career and still be failing hard in every other aspect of life.  Successful songs reveal real value and take us out of being hyper-focused on ourselves to realize what’s going on around us. (CRC)

Any plans to hit the road?

We will be taking a break for the holidays and hitting the road pretty hard for the first three months of next year nationwide. (JHH)

What else is happening next in The Show Ponies’ world?

We’re living day to day.  The only thing on the horizon right now is our new record.  We’re excited to tour in support of our new project and see what comes of it.  (JHH)

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