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KNOXA’s “Something More” Is Taken In Different Directions

Ready to pick up now as a release through Ultra Music is the new remix EP hailing from the sounds of KNOXA‘s “Something More.” One of our favourite house singles to land all year, the original has now been switched up into four unique versions.

The vocals of Georgia Ku are still the main focus in each of the new remakes, and to start the set off in style is CRaymak, who brings a blissful yet bass-switching approach to this wonderful track. Marcellus Wallace ensures his edit is ready to hit the dance-floor with its rugged house stylings, and SUBSHOCKERS slightly alter the melody to give it a punchier, glitchy vibe. Vanillaz close the set with a deeply bouncing bassline and tightly produced brass riffs.

You can get all four reworks here.

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