Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Pennydrop”?

Musically, pennydrop is inspired by listening to the Soulwax – Nite versions. We fell in love with it quite a bit actually. It’s just so dark and sleazy sounding, and we thought.. “we’re having a bit of that.” The drum’s were tone is as the theme of the Ep although was to try capture the tone of DFA records bands like The rapture, Lcd Soundsystem Holy Ghost!

Think we got pretty close to merging the two.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

I actually only found out recently from Ian that there was something major that inspired his lyrics for this, but I’m not gonna spoil that, quite like the idea of having people trying to figure it out what the event was. If you listen to the chorus though, you can hear it inspires hope, just like this event has done.

What was it like to work with Ian McKinnon and how did that relationship develop?

Ian’s brilliant to work with, he’d already did recondition with us which is on the E.P as well, and by the time we got round to doing Pennydrop we knew how we all worked together.

Ian a very good mate to us all which helps make the process so easy.

Live wise, he always turns up and gets the crowd going, he’s a proper show man.

When you get a chance (if not already) you should give Medicine Men new single a listen, “In the breeze” is brilliant. 

How much did he get to influence the song?

What happens with the writing process is, Aran, Sammy and Myself go into the hut we record the demo’s in, and basically write Idea’s on the synths. We come up with some many different we bits and something might catch our ears. So we start to see if we can make a song out of it synth wise, before you know it, the structure is there and Aran, Colin and myself are into a rehearsal room to put down the live parts.

From then, we bring in the person we think would best suit the track vocal wise, and we give them their place to write lyrics, which their all great at.

How was the film experience?

offft hahahaha, we could chased from the local gangsters from paisley when we were filming at the back of 1am up at some abandoned asylum. They were not happy at all, think they thought we were up to steal their stash.

The guy looked  a bit like Phil Mitchell, pulled up in a land rover, shouted, threaten then threw the holi power all over the place. 

We thought that was it, till we got to the end of the country road and they had two cars blocking us in so we couldn’t leave. Interesting to say the least ha Jordan the fire performer was actually naked with on a hand made long cone thing covering his balls haha. They really didn’t know what was happening when they seen a man bodied painted and wearing horn’s like a demon.

The single comes off your new album C. C. 101 – what’s the story behind the title?

CC.101, again like the art works we do etc, its inspired by new order/joy division/factory.

CC stands for crash club. 101 is like the category number, but instead of it the normal cc.1 or whatever, we’re name our process after synths we uses. Like the Roland 101.
The idea is we’ll get 101, 202 E.P wise then hope for 303 it would be an album.

How was the recording and writing process?

Its enjoyable, and its always a laugh, cause its all good people getting together and trying to make good music. The second part of the E.P was recorded first with Thomas at Rubber Gum which was a superb, great fun as well. Wee Kieren Webster (the view) actually popped in for a bit to see us in one of those session. Then the first part, we recorded in Rocket Science with Michael and Ross, and it was so productive, plus I don’t think i’ve laughed so much in my life ha. 

How has every vocalist influenced the new record?

Yeah, every one of the guys brings a different, vocal style and written style. Like Medicine Men, Tijuana Bibles and Mickey 9’s are all completely different from each other. So that massively benefited us.

Any plans to hit the road?

We’ve got ST LUKE’S in Glasgow SATURDAY 3rd DECEMBER which will be the biggest headline show to date.

Then next year, we’ll no doubt hit the road.

Watch here

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