INTERVIEW: Hypophora

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We’ve been excellent thank you kindly. Our bodies hurt a bit from sitting in a car for most of the morning but we’re feeling great!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Youth”?

We actually wrote this song a while back (probably about November 2014). We had a couple of demos but we only managed to record a decent version at the start of 2016.
Lyrically it’s heavily to do with being a young person at this point in time – it’s got a heavy undertone of the old-school punk idea of rebelling as a young person against a bigger establishment (whatever that may be can be left up to the listener).

It’s quite an angry song – all about individuality and not following what everyone (particularly some older generations) have to say about career paths/lifestyle choices etc. Hence “are you a little old to do what you’re told / I heard you don’t approve of anything I do”.

Moral of the story; just let kids be kids. Don’t try and force your ideals onto younger generations – let them figure things out for themselves, explore, be curious and make mistakes and most importantly let them be themselves.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

School life has had a pretty big influence on the lot of the lyrics we write – growing up in a pretty box standard secondary school and being made to make choices at an age where we literally had no idea what was going on was a pretty intense experience.

It was also inspired a little bit by a guy that Katie was seeing a while ago (way before we wrote the song) – His family was heavily religious hence the line “if it’s only god that knows, I don’t care” and their whole vibe of being very firm and strict parents really went along with the themes in the song and what happened in that ‘break up’ type situation that they all kind of merged into one big thing.

Karum actually came up with the main riff after spending an evening learning Don Broco songs – came across some decent chord inversions that are also used in ‘Caught’ funnily enough.

How was the film experience?

We had several shoots for the different parts of the video – all of the group shots were filmed in Karum’s neighbour’s gardens and was a lot of fun actually – it was a extremely warm, sunny summers day and we had loads of friends round, it was a genuinely lovely experience. Karum’s mum and dad were absolute legends and made a huge Barbecue/buffet type thing as lunch for everyone involved.

Organisation for this was an absolute bitch though – trying to get 24 people together on a sunday in Cornwall is not the easiest thing, so we only ended up with 16 people but it still looked great.

The band footage ended up taking much longer than expected – we got double booked for our original location, so we ended up shooting it in an old community hall in the arse end of Cornwall, but again, the shots came out really well. Performing Youth over and over and over again got really tiring too. We were very sweaty by the end of the shoot.

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording process was great. We recorded at Freefall studios in St Just which, again, is in the arse end of nowhere in Cornwall, so the drive there was pretty horrid, especially the part when we had to wake up at 7am. We slept in the studio quite a lot whilst we weren’t recording though so it was ok.

We managed to bash both ’Youth’ and ‘Caught’ out in the space of a weekend too. The recording process included ambient room mic recordings of Katie and Lewis eating grapes, layered ‘sitar’ effects, copious amounts of tea and annoying our producer Adam Chinner lots (we’re sorry).

Do both new singles work as a sneak peek for an upcoming album – how’s that coming along?

Youth and Caught are a separate entity in their own right! They come as a duo, a package and will not be on any future releases of ours.

We will be releasing some singles at some point in the new year, however, and these will be taken from an upcoming debut album. We’ve recorded a few songs already, we’re slowly piecing together album concepts, linked lyrical themes and such as well which is very cool and exciting!

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Autumn/Winter 2017 may (or may not) see a full length, debut Hypophora record…

Any plans to hit the road?

We’ve actually just come back from a little mini tour/weekender with our best buddies in Cousin Buzz! That was a lot of fun!

We’re in the midst of booking our next little tour for January 2017 – Plymouth/Bristol/Leeds/London to name but a few locations! More deets will be announced closer to the time

What else is happening next in Hypophora’s world?

The immediate future sees us supporting TIGERCUB in Falmouth and ALLUSONDRUGS in Newquay! Supporting two of our current favourite UK alt rock bands in our wonderful county of Cornwall makes us very happy!

As mentioned before, we’re hitting the road for a wee bit in January too – this might be followed by a single or two and maybe even another music video over the spring period of 2017.

All to make way for a debut album at some point in the same year.

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