Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

“Hello. Thank you for having us. We have been absolutely wonderful. Thank you for asking. “

What’s the story behind the title of your EP Snake Hill?

“Snake Hill is a place I used to travel to as a young boy with my mates. We used to walk the train tracks for miles, from Kearny all the way through the meadowlands to Snake Hill. On top of the hill, you could see all of New York City as well as a sea of meadowlands stretching back to Kearny. It was a place to go where we could dream of something more.” – Ryan Sloan

How was the recording and writing process? 

“The process felt more deliberate and systematic than our previous effort, but not in a bad way at all. Previously we tracked and recorded essentially live, with all of us in the same big room as the drummer and our amps mic’d in isolated rooms. For Snake Hill, everything was pieced together individually so it allowed us all to be in the spotlight during our respective tracking, which definitely had it’s benefits. We tend to get very preoccupied with our own instruments, so it was kind of refreshing getting critiqued and fine tuning our parts to best fit. With guitars, at least, I was able to achieve a fuller sound by being able to double track and layer in post.” – Mauricio Salazar

What was it like to work with Pat Noon and how did that relationship develop? 

Pat is a genius. If you hear some of those River City Extension records, the production is just absolutely brilliant. We loved what he did, so we asked him to mix our In A Sea of Thing Unsaid EP. He made it sound stunning. So we knew that we needed to record ‘Snake Hill’ with him.” – Zachary Calidonna

Pat just naturally understands what we’re doing. He mixed our previous EP and we even tracked a cover song with him which we haven’t released yet and we’ve gotten a consistently positive energy from him. Things can get a bit tense in a writing/recording process but he maintains such a genuinely cool affect. I felt like I was aiming to impress him with guitar parts. I would track something and look up for his approval, and most of the time he’d nod in agreement. When he’d say something like, “yea, I’m just not sure about that” then I knew I’d definitely needed to revisit it”. – Mauricio Salazar

How much did he influence the album? 

“He really gave us a lot of liberties but we always welcomed and embraced his input. He definitely influenced the EP but in subtle and almost subliminal ways in how he directed us to try different things and abandon ideas that felt forced.” – Mauricio Salazar

What aspect of your recent travels did you get to explore on this new record?

“We began writing this EP back in March while we were on the road to Austin, TX. I think the open road and playing on different stages each night can really inspire someone. We finished writing the record while in California. We traveled from San Francisco through Joshua Tree to Las Vegas. We spent time in Palm Springs and finished up in Los Angeles. Each place had a specific story that it told and gave off a different feeling. That’s what we wanted to capture on this record. – Ryan Sloan

Any plans to hit the road? 

Yes, many. A tour through Austin, TX is in our sights for March as well as Canada in May and some festivals in the summer. We also have to plan a trip to Bristol as @_helzbelz seems pretty adamant about us coming there. – Ryan Sloan

What else is happening next in WYLAND’s world? 

Big, big things. You’ll have to stay in touch to find out. – Ryan Sloan

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