Hi Jo, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi VENTS! I’m doing great, thanks! Busy preparing the EP release this week!

Can you talk to us more about your EP Silver & Gold?

It’s the first release as Jo Marches and I’m very proud of how it turned out! Last year I started writing and recording with producer David Hoogerheide. We recorded an album, but decided to release it as two separate EPs. Silver & Gold is the first of the two to be released.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this EP?

It wasn’t one particular event, but several things that happened in my life. Only until we decided the order of the tracks for the EP I realized that the EP was about different stages of relationships in my life. It starts with Silver & Gold which is about the wonder and longing for something more and different and in that process hurting others and destroying what you have. From there it gets worse or better, it depends on how you interpret it. “The Night” is about letting go and forgetting, but “Right My Wrong” describes regret and miscommunication. Then there’s “PB”: the moment when you realize you can’t save your relationship anymore and the mourning that goes with that.

The sound of the EP is inspired by The Dø, Tame Impala, Portishead, lykke Li and many more!

Any plans to release a video from this EP?   

The video for “The Night” was made by visual artist Iris Deppe. We wanted to make a video that reflected the vibe of a night in the city and that suited the dreamy and psychedelic vibe of the song.

For all art work I am working with artist Gees Voorhees. We will make a couple of videos for Jo Marches songs, but I can’t say too much about that at this moment ;). It’s gonna be colorful that’s for sure!

Why naming the EP after this track in particular?

Silver & Gold is a very important track to me. It’s about restlessness and the constant wondering and looking for more. I guess my urge to always want to change things brought me this EP. So it deserved to be more than just the title of a track on the EP!

How was the recording and writing process?

When I start writing a song I mostly start with the melody and chords. Only sometimes I start off with lyrics. Because the production plays such an important role in the sound of the EP David and I finished all songs together. KW Toering helped out with some parts of songs as well. I like to collaborate in songwriting because I feel that it makes my songs better! Except for the lyrics: I like to write these by myself.

We recorded most of the EP in Studio The Church, an old church in the north of Holland that’s been remodeled into an amazing recording studio. David recorded the songs and we invited Gijs Coolen to play guitar and Tobias Ponsioen to play drums. Unfortunately the night before we would start recording Tobias broke his elbow playing soccer… So we had to decide whether to cancel or work with another drummer. Luckily Dave Menkehorst was available to drum that day so we could still make the recording day work. Because Tobias needed time to recover we needed more time or more drummers. So Nicky Hustinx played drums on yet another track.

That’s why are three different drummers on this EP!

What was it like to work with David Hoogerheide and how did that relationship develop?

He’s kind of crazy and into absurd humor so never a dull moment! David and I met during an important showcase festival in Holland drinking beer actually. We had a lot of fun and didn’t see each other again until the same festival the next year. At that time I was looking for a producer and then we decided to meet up and see if we could work together.

The first track we made was “The Night” and I remember thinking: these sounds are insane! But I loved the sounds as well! He’s never afraid to choose a dirty or crazy sound and that makes it a great collaboration.

David also plays in my live band and he’s a great energy on stage as well.

How much did he get to influence the EP?

As we finished most of the songs together I would say he influenced it a lot! He even wrote parts of songs and all synth parts are by him (and there are a lot of synthesizers on the EP ;)).

For all songs he created the beat and sometimes even the guitar melodies. Couldn’t have made this EP if it wasn’t for him.

What aspect of love did you get to explore on this EP?

All songs are about different stages of love. So there’s restlessness and curiosity in Silver & Gold; flirting and affairs in The Night; procrastination and blame in Right My Wrong and breaking up and mourning in PB.

Any plans to hit the road?

We’re playing our release show in my hometown this week! In November and December there are more shows in other cities in Holland. Hopefully next year we will play in some other countries as well!

What else is happening next in Jo Marches’ world?

So the collaboration with Gees Voorhees will result in a couple of videos and art work. I love working with her! Beginning of next year we will release EP #2 that’s already been recorded. Very excited about that! And I am already writing songs for the first album and I can’t wait to record the new work!!

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