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INTERVIEW: Bachelors of Science

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Phil: We’re good! Just wrapped up a show here in San Francisco with Pendulum and pleased to be able to release the last in our Space Between remix series.

Can you talk to us more about your single “Carter”?

Luke: Well the original was basically an ode to the more emotive side of drum n bass with piano and guitar licks that we played around with in the studio. When it came to the remix, we knew Jaybee and Dave Owen would know to keep that same vibe but take it a little more in the dancefloor direction. So that’s exactly what they did, bringing in a bit of that old school liquid amen sound that we love.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Phil: Actually yeah! My uncle was in the thick of the club scene in the seventies at places like Studio54 and we got to talking about the vibe of that scene back in the day and how you can never really ‘revisit’ or ‘recreate’ something like that once it’s gone. It got me wondering about our own scene now and how others will look back at hubs like Fabric in the future and wonder what it must’ve been like. So that’s why there’s vocals in there like “those memories”  … at the end of the conversation he gave me his Cartier lighter that had been with him during all those times and the song was born.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Luke: Unfortunately no.

The single comes off your new album The Space Between Remixes Vol. 3 – what’s the story behind the title?

Chris: We have always produced a mix of styles, from the lighter liquid songs that we’re most known for, to the darker more experimental sounds. And right around when we produced the album, it was during a time when there was this feeling of divisiveness in the world. You had a lot of ‘us vs them’ mentality going around, but we felt there was common ground in the middle. So we wanted the album to reflect that – both musically and thematically – the idea that there’s this middle ground between the light and dark, hence The Space Between.

How was the recording and writing process?

Luke: It was an really fun yet exhausting experience. We paid a lot of attention to detail to the sound we wanted and were fortunate to work with some incredible artists – from the horn section on “Backfoot Dub” to vocalists like Emcee Child, Soultrain Locomotive, and Dylan Germick. We also did nearly the entire album without any studio producer collaborators as we really wanted the album to be purely us. The only producer collaboration on there is “On The Line” which we wrote with our dear friend Ben Soundscape from The Insiders. That’s a special track that we started in Bristol with Ben and then finished in SF alongside the incredibly talented singer/songwriter, Collette Warren. The Random Movement remix on Vol 2 of this series is definitely one of the most popular remixes as well!

What draw you into making a remixes series for your past album?

Chris: There was just a lot of potential in those original tracks – even as we were making the songs, we’d often have feelings like “oh this could totally go in this direction”. As an artist you’re always questioning where to take a tune, but we knew we wanted to keep things pure. But that’s when the idea of the remix series came up, why not turn them all over to other artists who’s style we admire and let them put their spin on it.

Did you handpick the collaborators or how did they come on board?

Luke: Yeah pretty much. Many of these remixers we have known for years given the tight knit scene that is so common in DnB. Some of these guys are close friends we have worked with for years while others are newer friends who we have admired musically over the years that we are so thankful to be working with now! Everyone was really receptive to the idea and we got lucky in that everyone got to pick the tune that spoke to them the most to remix without having too much overlap in interest!

Is each volume different or this new installment is a follow up to the previous two?

Phil: So it’s a 3 part series. Each is released on vinyl as well as digital and each volume picks 3-4 tunes from the album. A tune only gets remixed once though, so it’s a follow up, but it’s closing out the series.

Any plans to hit the road?

Luke: We’re back working on really exciting new music right now while also lining up the next batch of CODE releases from some great artists like Sobo, Aphonic, and GLXY so that’s our main focus. We have a few North American gigs lining up but not touring very heavily at the moment.

What else is happening next in Bachelors of Science’s world?

Phil: Well it’s been great to see the support that the DnB scene has given to these remixes. Hospital Records in particular have really been showing us love with inclusion in top 10 charts as well as signing one of the tracks to their upcoming compilation! They’ve been great supporters throughout our career and we are grateful for them and all the DJs and fans who support what we are doing.

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