Lacei, an LA based duo, have released their debut EP. 11:11 features two new, electronic-infused pop tracks from the duo, entitled “Right Here” and “Sufferer”. The video for “Cold Moon” premiered on Impose Magazine, which shows a “beautiful and delicate struggle,” showcasing the healing process that the single’s emotional lyrics describe. It follows singer Jessica Lombard as she progresses from being alone and confused to freeing herself of the emotions that held her back. “Cold Moon” has been called “an indietronica track with a folk-pop spine” by All Things Go. The group have collaborated with DJ Dahi (Drake, Kendrick Lamar) on their new EP 11:11, which will be released on October 21st. They will also be performing that night at The Study in LA.

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Great! Thank you for having us.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Sufferer”?

Viktor: Our good friend and Swedish music producer DaKey was out here in Los Angeles visiting. We started to play around with a drum loop I was working on and eventually built the whole record around it. Originally it started out almost like a hip-hop track that we were jamming out to just for fun. But after Jess started writing vocals, DaKey and I added to it and it became what it is today.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Jess: I was going through a pretty rough time during the writing of all three songs on the EP, minus “Somewhere Beyond the Stars Pt. 1” that came later. But I wrote this line, “maybe I’m a sufferer, maybe I just like suffering.” It came from this idea that when you’re hurt or feel guilty about something, you make yourself sufferer intentionally as a means of punishment and coping.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Viktor: Yes. We have a bunch of ideas, we know what were going to do, we just have to get the dates set up for filming and editing.

The single comes off your new album 11:11 – what’s the story behind the title?

Jess: We kept on seeing the numbers 11:11 everywhere! It could have been because once we saw them a few times we were looking, at least that’s always the argument, but I swear it kept popping up constantly. Then we were in my living room recently discussing titles for the EP and Viktor randomly looked at his phone and it was 11:11. It was at that point we decided we were going to call it that. It’s our tribute to the Universe so to speak.

How was the recording and writing process?

Viktor: Usually it starts off by me playing around with some ideas for beats. I then send over the track to Jess and she will add lyrics and melody on top of it. On occasion, we’ll do what the other band mate does. Jess plays piano and I write lyrics.

What was it like to work with DJ Dahi and how did that relationship develop?

Viktor: I’ve known Dahi since 2010. He’s a mentor. “Right Here” was essentially done. We played him what we had and he really liked the song. He said he was down to co-produce it with us and add his unique spin on the track. We were very grateful to him because he’s a very well respected and busy man.

How much did he get to influence the album?

We only worked on that song together. But hopefully we’ll see more of that collaboration in the future. He’s really a genuinely nice person, a very talented musician. Working with him is a great experience and extremely educational.

What aspect of suffering and other emotions did you get to explore on this material?

Jess: Where to start haha. Both Viktor and I were going through a really rough time during the writing of this material, different scenarios, but equally as challenging. It was both emotional as well as physical. Even though the album has some pretty dark lyrics, we still want to show a sense of hopefulness as well. It’s not all depressing. That’s also a reason we liked 11:11 as the title. It’s a dark time with a hopeful ending, or maybe beginning.

Any plans to hit the road?


What else is happening next in LACEI’s world?

We are working non-stop on new material and releasing a full album in Early 2017 with a tour to follow! WE can’t wait to hit the road!


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