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INTERVIEW: Beyond Recall

Hi Zaid, welcome to VENTS!
“Hi Vents!”

How have you been?
“I’m good, the band is good. Life’s busy right now and we’re loving it.”

Can you talk to us more about your latest EP “Selfish Scars”?
“Of course! It’s our 2nd official release after last year’s ‘The Mixtape EP’. We believe it shows a more mature side of us, yet it’s not as ‘heavy’ but it still hits hard like a Beyond Recall record should.”
We went to two producers on this one; Kevin Peters, at Anemic Studios in our hometown of Bristol, he did most of the tracks. And Arthur Walwin, who featured on our last single ‘Haters’, we recorded Get It Right with him back in the summer when we did a striped back version of ‘Almost’.

After a year of writing, exploring different avenues and creating a unique image for ourselves, it’s finally time to show everybody what Beyond Recall are all about.”

Why naming the record after this track in particular?
“To be honest this was all Josh’s doing. I’d named all the songs after I’d written the lyrics and “Selfish Scars” was another way for me to describe how guilt feels. I had come up with a tittle for the EP, but Josh took one look at the track listings, pointed out the 2nd song and said – “That’s the name of the EP”. It made a whole lot of sense to all of us and along with the 3 masks that are a metaphor for covering up our wrong-doings and selfish acts it finally brought the whole thing together. Once you play any of these songs that’s you, the listener, uncovering our masks and seeing what lies beneath. Discovering our selfish scars.”

Any plans to release a video for “Get It Right’?
“Absolutely! We filmed it back in August before our last UK headline tour, and we were buzzing back then for it so you can imagine how much excitement has built up since.

The video is nothing like we’ve ever done before and I’m happy to say that I haven’t seen anything quite like it.

I think the song is one of the strongest we’ve ever written, it shows a different side of Beyond Recall. One that I feel more people will be able to connect with, yet our core fans will completely fall in love with. It’s a perfect balance, one a lot of young bands like ourselves strive for and I believe we’ve done it.”

How was the recording and writing process?
“It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in this band… seriously.

So normally I’d come up with a song idea, throw a few chords around with lyrics and show it to Josh then we’d work on it. That was the old Beyond Recall.

Since Chris joined back in September last year, he just wouldn’t stop coming up with great guitar ideas, recording them with terrible midi drums and sending them over. Despite the drums samples, it was some of the most inspiring work I’d ever been sent and so I was like “I gotta come up with something good NOW!”. This is how ‘Get It Right’, ‘Selfish Scars’ and ‘Onlies’ happened. ‘Tomorrow’, minus the vocals and Josh’s drums, was actually something Chris recored for a Uni Assignment. But as soon as Josh and I heard it we were both adamant that we had to use it. And ‘Almost’ we took from the previous EP and re-wrote it because we all felt like it had potential to be so much more, and our fans love the track so much!

Now… ‘140 Characters’, which I originally wanted to call ‘Bojack Horseman’ – but that has nothing to with the meaning, just how it came about and a little bit of inside joke. We knew we were going into the studio, however we didn’t have a decent opener. We had two days off when we did the Pulp In-store Acoustic Tour back in August and so we basically locked ourselves in my parent’s place for 2 days, didn’t leave a room for about 36 hours, forced ourselves to write a great song and only took breaks to watch Netflix and Wrestling. We kept on scraping tracks, bringing old song ideas back to life and then killing them again. It may sound awful but those 2 days were literally my two favourite days of the year.”

How would this EP showcase a new matured side of the band?
“As we’ve grown-up, so has our music. From a musical standpoint it’s less about ‘beatdowns’ and how many chugs we can fit into a Middle 8. As for the lyrics I feel like I’ve finally taken responsibility for everything in my life, and that comes across in both my words and emotions. I’m no longer that young kid who wants to scream single words to make my point, I’m an adult who knows his voice is being listened to and so I should use that opportunity to make a difference. I’m not saying our previous songs meant nothing, they’re incredible tracks that both our fans and the band has learnt from. For example I would have never written a song like ‘Tomorrow’ if I didn’t realise how many people looked-up to us. We found out that we can actually make an impact in someone’s life.”

Discovering something like that is a game changer, for both myself and this band.

What aspect of selfishness did you get to explore on this record?
“Oh I wouldn’t want to give too much away, you’d have to listen to the EP and find out. Believe me it’s all in there. From reason not to date any of us, to me sending all your calls to voicemail – which lets be fair is another reason.

All I’ll say is I started looking at myself differently when pen hit the paper. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing“.

Any plans to hit the road?
“100%! I don’t know when this thing is being published, but if it’s before Halloween then I’m telling everyone right now to come to our show in London on the 31st.

We’ll be back out on full runs come 2017, and I’m happy to announce that we’ll be travelling to cities and countries we’ve never played before.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and even Snapchat – BeyondZaid, I’ll keep everyone posted.”

What else is happening next in Beyond Recall’s world?
“New music videos, exciting tours, our new merchandise and we’re constantly building our fanbase – #TeamRecall, so who knows what we’ll decide to do next.

We’ve got plans to team up with Pulp again, so if you’re reading this and you wanna make it happen go tweet them. There’s one or two things I’m hiding right now but you’ll all find out soon enough.”

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