INTERVIEW: Simina Grigoriu

Hi Simina, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi! Wonderful! I’ve been busy as hell but having a great time doing it. Thank you.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Shook Up”? What’s the story behind the title?

I used the track “Shook Ones” by my favourite rap group of all time, Mobb Deep, as inspiration for “Shook Up”. It’s actually an homage to them. They have been in my ears and part of my life for the last 20 years and I often use elements of hip hop and even grunge and metal in my music. Of course it sounds like techno in the end but the raw elements are collected from all the musical spectrum.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Not for “Shook Up”. We’re working on a video for “Techno Monkey” and some others. Stay tuned for some nice surprises.

How was the production process?

I think I might be the sample Queen. Maybe it’s because I was never actually trained in music production and because I just learned by doing. It’s a rigorous and annoying process sometimes but finding the right sample can really make a track unique and special. My production process itself is quite simple. I am not a tech wizard. I don’t use many machines. Just my mac and Ableton, a few VSTs and a MIDI controller. It’s really the most basic setup you can have and it works just fine for me. I find my voice from what I create more than what I use to create it. Does that make sense? (Smile)

The EP features other DJs — How did they come on board and what did they bring up to the table?

I feel it’s important to have the element of variety across the several remixes in any EP. It’s not so special if all remixes sound the same or can be classified in the same exact category. I like and appreciate all of the artists I work with and this time, we’ve released an EP with what can be considered a large number of remixes. They are each so individual that I find myself playing each one in a different place in my DJ set. That’s pretty awesome.

What role do you think Romania plays in your music?

I love folk music and sample a lot of that too. My track “Ponytails” from 2010 has a blatant sample of Maria Tanase’s “Un Tigan Avea O Casa” from, like, 1940 or whenever the original was released. I like to give tribute to my Romania. Although I have not lived there since I was three years old and sometimes I feel like a tourist in my native Buchatest, I love it and it is a part of who I am.

Any plans to hit the road?

Sure! My weekend tours. I don’t ever go for too long anymore. I like to be home with my family as soon as I’m done my work.

What else is happening next in Simina Grigoriu’s world?

New releases on Kuukou. Label stuff. More label stuff. New remixes for awesome artists and other labels. Tour. Studio. Diapers & Dinners & Family Time. I’m still very new to this job as a mom and even newer to the job as a label boss. Trying to get in some studio time while being there for my family all while being away on weekends is challenging, but my life right now is about trying to get it all done and done right.

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