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CD REVIEW: Revolucion by The Dead Daisies

The Dead Daisies released their second album Revolucionin July of 2015 in the U.S., with new singer John Corabi now fronting the band. Corabi’s presence is felt on this album, and it looks to have revived their sound. The Dead Daisies have been referred to as a super-group, but to me they’re an in-your-face Rock n’ Roll band, who is unapologetic about not trying to reinvent the wheel.

This isn’t necessarily music for the millennial generation, but if you’re someone who appreciates edgy Rock n’ Roll, you’re going to want to pick this album up. The line-up is Corabi on Vocals, Richard Fortus and David Lowy on Guitars, Bassist Marco Mendoza, Dizzy Reed on Keyboards, and Jackie Barnes and Brian Tichy play Drums. Of the band members, Fortus and Reed are well known for their roles in Guns N’ Roses, while Corabi had a stint in Motley Crue (1996-1997).

“Mexico” is the first of thirteen songs and the second single on the album. It opens-up with a mid-tempo AC/DC guitar style riff, before the doorsbust open with Bass and Drums. Hammond Organ can be heard in the background throughout the intro, before the song blisters forward into raunchy guitar rhythms. “Let’s take off — let’s go get lost –all the way — down to Mexico”, sings Corabi.

“Evil” is a Willie Dixon cover tune that Blues legend Howlin’ Wolf popularized.Corabi’s bottom-end vocal tone actually resembles that of the great Howlin’ Wolf. The song is filled with heavy-intermittent guitar rhythms, along with a screechy wah-wah guitar solo.The album slows it down a bit with “Looking for the One”,with tranquil Marco Mendoza Bass grooves, to go along with someLatin percussion ina short instrumental bridge. The dual guitars of Fortus and Lowry play off of each other with catchy time and space.

With a Deep Purplesque intro, “Empty Heart” was penned by Australian singer-songwriter Jimmy Barnes, with co-writing help from 60’s songwriter Tommy Boyce.The guitar rhythm holds a heavy-punky bottom end throughout the track, while Barnes and Carobi sing as a duet with absolute vigor and venom.The intro to “Make the Best of It” showcases Dizzy Reed on piano, who delivers his own stylistic accents that lead into the song’s melody.Corabi sings, “Iain’tgonna cry anymore –no, no — nothing comes easy”; and just as the title reads, the underlying message invites listeners to keep a bright-sideperspective on life. The guitar solo absolutely sizzles.

“Something I Said” is more of Dizzy Reed’s piano fused with acoustic guitars, that exude a down-home southern feel. Hammond Organ, John Corabi’s heart-aching vocal tones, and hints of Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar phrasings warm the heart. I’m a sucker for catchy piano and have some Southern in me, so this track is a favorite of mine. A blistering Duane Allman-like guitar solo is also played mid-song.

The album then takes a bold turn with the funky, Get Up, Get Ready”. Corabi asks, “Are you here for the party?” in the chorus, that is followed-up with a crafty funk guitar-lick turnaround that takes the listener into the next verse.“With You and I” starts off with a Squawk Box guitar that leads into a mid-tempo heavy groove.“What happened to the innocence that’s changed in all our lives”, shouts Corabi before the verse turns into a short melodic bridge. “Can we change the way we’re going? It’s gotta start with you and I”, Corabi so eloquently sings. The song is penned with a brilliant contrast of harmonizing and heaviness.

A haunting piano melody opens-up “Sleep”,the one true ballad on the album, which oozes of Beatles influenced. Corabipleads, “If I could only sleep — I’d finally be awake — awake to see a dream of you and I”over acoustic guitars and eloquent piano chords.“My Time”begins with an earth shaking distorted Synth-Bass line that holdsCarobi’s razor edged vocal tones and heavy harmonies, that seemingly take the listener through a dirty swamp. The song includes a raunchy-heavy and mostly instrumental bridge, as well as a sweet-crying guitar solo in the middle.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Bands’ “Midnight Moses” is the second cover and lead single on the album, and the Daisies cover the song with true Rock n’ Roll justice, honor, and grit. The late Alex Harvey must be smiling down from the heavens.“Devil out of Time” is a smorgus board of punk, lyrical conviction, and boogie-woogie piano. Carobi’sheavy-raunchy vocalsareswept away once with a shredding guitar solo, andheld back up with blistering rhythms.

Last, but certainly not least,is the final track “Critical”. The lyrics are anappeal to live life with Love, and to stop war. The melodic Fender Rhodes built verse parts are a nice contrast to the heavy chorus guitar rhythms.The song is backed with beautiful short guitar phrasing all throughout.

The Dead Daisies aren’t a band attempting to take the listener into personal reflection. They make no bones about their love for heavy Rock n’ Roll music. To me, “Revolucion” is a faster, heavier, louder version of Little Richard and Chuck Berry, with a touch of the Beatles. Call them a super group or a classic Rock band, but I find the Dead Daisies to be a very cool heavy Rock n’ Roll band.

by Chris Stewart

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