Hi Jody, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Good thank you! It’s been a fun but busy summer and I’m looking forward to all that’s ahead with my new record, Stand Up!

Can you talk to us more about your single “Stand Up”?

Stand Up is the title track for my new record and though it’s not the current upcoming single I am super proud of it as a song. The chorus lyrics are:

Stand up to be counted

stand up for your rights

stand up and face your truth

cause your freedom waits on the other side.

I think so often in life we find ourselves oppressed into ideas of who were supposed to be, whom we’re expected to be. And in today’s day and age of political correctness so often we’re busy trying to be nice instead of being honest, mostly with ourselves! I feel that if we could all be our true selves, that part of us that inspires us and brings us joy, then politically correct wouldn’t be needed because our intentions would always be good and people would be able to hear one another with good in mind, not fear or anger. So much of how we hear people is in how we feel about ourselves. Being confident and happy within creates a lot of room for everybody to be different and to be okay with that. It’s ideal maybe, but also worth a try! So Stand Up is intended to inspire people to find and be their authentic selves. Because you count. I count. We each individually matter.

And of course it’s written from a place of hurt too, so it’s a release of that and a way to find better footing. As is this record, written as a release and a way to find a better footing so it’s me, Standing Up.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

I have a very dear friend who was struggling in her marriage and it inspired my heart in this way for her. Stand Up doesn’t mean you have to necessarily leave either, it just means your voice and your thoughts, your feelings are worthy. Speak your mind, speak your truth. You deserve happiness.

It also reminds me so much of my many friends who back in our 20s, who struggled with coming out, and even today there are people that struggle with being honest with their loved ones. And if your loved ones don’t understand or can’t be there for you, you’ll find people who are, and when you can be true to yourself and with yourself, anything is possible. Stand up, your freedom waits on the other side.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

I’m working on a video at the moment for my song Down By that I’m going to make with my husband. He’ll do the camera work and I’ll do the rest. I’m looking forward to creating with him. I cast him as the male lead in my last video, for We Belong! He can’t act but boy is he adorable!

Why naming the album after this track in particular?

I think Stand Up is the most important song on this record. Being a mom, and wife, and trying to keep my music career going on top of many other things is quite a challenge. But I also know it’s what I have to do to be truly happy. So it’s also a reminder to me to keep going. My heart and my happiness is important too. Stand up.

How was the recording and writing process?

This time around I approached the whole process differently and actually it all unfolded somewhat magically. When I was writing I knew I was hearing these songs and wanting to record them as I could hear them. Not just put it in the hands with a producer, so I thought I’d hire an engineer. I knew Winston Hauschild lived somewhat near by (though on an island but one not far from my shore, lol) so I asked him to meet with me. It was such a simple and easy meeting that by the time I left I’d agreed to record 10 songs with him as producer/co-producer. I only had 7 songs at the time so I finished the other 2 and Winston helped me with some of the chord progressions.

Recognizing myself as an artist I’ve come to understand that a big part of my job is trusting the way I feel. So if there was a sticky moment or the song wasn’t feeling right we’d slow right down and let the feeling guide us. Winston was an amazing counter-part for me in all of this. He’d listen and make suggestions on the way a song felt. We were pretty much in sync often and when we weren’t, which was rare, we’d find a solution that worked for both of us.

Every step of this record I trusted that the ground would appear under each step. I’m still doing that with it now.

What was it like to work with Winston Hauschild and how did that relationship develop?

Winston produced my friend Jennifer Hershman’s release a few years ago and I really loved a few of the songs they’d co-written. He’s become quite a bit of a Canadian darling in the music scene as a producer and at one point I asked if he’d be interested in working together and was stoked he said yes. When we met to discuss the songs I had rolling around inside, it was so easy and really the process of working together was too the whole way through. I think if we were to do it again it would be even better because I think we could push it a little deeper and I’d trust a little more that I could get a little creatively dirty in finding the right choices. But that’s because I’ve grown as an artist… again.

How much did he get to influence the album?

Winston played a lot of the bed tracks, so that’s quite a bit. Though he’d play ideas and lean in ways we’d both want to hear, it was his fingers on the instruments! I did the keys but he did the drums and guitars. So the basic feeling of the musical message came through his body. So even though it was based in what I was hearing, it was his playing that influenced our final musicians or was him actually playing. Otherwise he handled me as an artist in a really great way and worked with me to capture the sound I was feeling.

How did you choose which songs to cover and why did you pick those?

My family, in their best intentions, have been after me to sing a cover song for years. I’ve always resisted, personally I found it easier to write a song than to learn somebody else’s but for this record I agreed. I chose We Belong because it was on repeat during my parents divorce, that whole Pat Benatar record was, and it’s still one of my sister’s favourite songs. I sang it for her once just for fun and really realized it was a great song.

One of the writers, Dan Navarro heard my song and said it was a ‘Sweet version’ which of course is so super cool!

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

I live a pretty regular day to day existence juggling being a mom, wife and my own person. Being a woman in today’s society, being all for everybody but also doing our best to succeed as individuals, is a constant balancing act. The challenges and struggles of just being human really.

Love You To Lead was inspired during the heartbreaking aftermath of the Charleston shooting.  The visual of the Leroy Smith, the black police chief, helping a white supremacist in from out in the sun who was getting heat stroke is still so moving to me. It’s inspired by the hate out there and the pain of guiding the hate away. There’s a true struggle in having to forgive your enemy to teach them. That the black community in the US today has to be even better than the next guy during such heartache and turmoil, it’s so upsetting. That to find common ground they have to rise above, so very far above, all the hate they face and the pointless killings! That’s what inspired Love You To Lead. Cause even though it’s a message from me about how I can rise above that hate, I’m still not the one facing it daily myself.

End Of Time was inspired by my love for my husband. He’s still my butterfly maker, though Everything was written over the course of many years and is inspired by a few differnt of men in my heart’s past.

Go On was written during a personal dark time. The emptiness was vast and I didn’t know where to go from there. Then this song came. Such a gift. I also try to be open about mental health and that we all have emotional hardships and get lost, because it’s so very important that we each know, you are not alone.

They all have a place they come from and a story in my personal life.

Any plans to hit the road?

I’ll be heading out on tour in 2017 with the Live The Dream Tour. LTD is raising money for music education and inspiring the next generation of creators. It’s aiming to do 36 cities in the US. We have a handful of artist on board and in each city we’ll be be going into the community to work with local schools, teaching our different strengths to the children. At the end of the week we’ll perform a concert and the proceeds from ticket sales, which include a meet and greet with the artists, will be put back into that local community. We’re also working with Little Kids Rock, VH1 Save The Music, and NAfME (National Association for Music Education). It’s going to be fantastic!

What else is happening next in Jody Quine’s world?

Well tonight is pizza night at the imps’ school, and this weekend we have soccer games and a birthday brunch to attend. So… life as usual.

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