INTERVIEW: Frank Hamilton

Hi Frank, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been good, thanks. Tired but mostly well. How about you?

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Saturday Night”?


Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

If weekend drinking culture can be classed an an event, then definitely!

How was the film experience?

It was fun. And cold. The time-lapse scenes were probably the most challenging. Some of them because I had to stand still in the cold for ages, and one of them because I had to eat chips at about a 20th of the speed you would usually eat chips (so when it’s sped up it looks like I’m eating in real time)!

The single comes off your new album Songs to Make Life Slightly Less Awkward – what’s the story behind the title?

I’m not too sure how or when, but it fell out my brain at some point. It just kind of made sense, with the songs and the themes and stuff. Also, if you want to get all wanky about it, there are countless albums I’ve listened to and loved that have made my life slightly less awkward – maybe this can be one of those for someone else.

Is it a direct follow up to your previous material?

Not really, no. #OneSongaWeek was a collection of singer-songwriter demo’s – 52 songs released in a year and a ‘Best of’ album at the end of it.  This album’s a 13 track studio record. 

So it’s a sort of a concept album, so to speak?

Traditionally I always thought a concept album was one with a story running through it, in which case no.  But if you mean does it have a concept and an overall theme then yes, I guess so?

How was the recording and writing process?

Good thanks. How was your dinner? 

How did the living room environment get to influence you as an artist?

As opposed to working in a plush studio? It probably made me a bit lazier but it also gave me a freedom that I wouldn’t swap for the world.

What was it like to work with Robin Schmidt and how did that relationship develop?

He lives in Germany so we’ve never actually met, but I was chuffed when we bumped into each other on Tinder and he agreed to master the record. 

How much did he get to influence the album?

Too much if you ask me. If you play the album backwards it actually says ‘Robin for President’ over and over again. 

What aspects of awkwardness did you get to explore on this album?

It wasn’t a conscious decision to explore my inner awkwardness – it’s just some songs about the way I feel.

Any plans to hit the road?

There’s a tour in December. And I think an in-store tour next month. I’m also long overdue a holiday. Does that count?

What else is happening next in Frank Hamilton‘s world?

I’m going to bed. It’s 3:28am. Night x

Frank Hamilton’s latest album, ‘Songs To Make Life Slightly Less Awkward’ is out now. Watch the music video for the latest single, ‘Saturday Night’.

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