INTERVIEW: Jamie Scoles

Hi Jamie, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Thank you! I’ve been really good! I’ve just been working hard on getting my album finished and ready to release the end of this year. I’m super excited about it!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Real”?

My latest single real just released this past July. It was actually my very first single from my new solo drum project. The music video for the song pushes the needle towards equality and LGBT visibility with a contemporary and artistic approach. The song is about a relationship that meant the most to you. It refers to a time after a break up when you miss them so much and you keep dreaming about them. When the only time you get to be with them again is in your dreams and every time it just feels so real until you wake up.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Actually, yes. I wrote this song based off of a relationship that had the biggest impact on my life. The relationship that pretty much made me into who I am today. I went through this myself and it was a pretty painful time. After many years, I kept dreaming of that person and it was a dream where I had the chance to be with them again. The more years passed, the less often they would occur, but this lasted for many many many years.

How was the film experience?

The film experience was amazing. We actually shot it in four hours, which is pretty impressive. I had an amazing crew working with me on the video and they cared just as much as I did. Even though we were time crunching as much as possible, we were still able to stay pretty relaxed and have fun with it.

What was it like to work with Centanela and how did she come on board?

Working with Centanela has been so chill. She is so easy going and so talented. She just walks in and kills all her parts like it’s nothing. I was looking for a singer and I heard her voice on a song that she did with a friend of mine and I asked him if it would be okay if I worked with her on one of my songs and him, being the amazing friend that he is, put me in contact with her. Centanela and I quickly became friends and working together has been so much fun.

The single comes off your new album Echosphere – what’s the story behind the title?

Yes! My album Ecosphere is set to release end of 2016. Echosphere is about life experiences and emotions that we all go through. Echo represents thoughts and emotions that run through my mind. Sphere represents a confined place, which is my mind, where I hold everything in and keep trapped. This album is created to let go and express myself through what I love the most. Music.

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording and writing process has been extremely long, but it didn’t actually feel that way. It’s been fun and exciting working closely with my producer and friend Aidean Abounasseri. I’ve known Aidean for a long time since my previous music project and we have a good connection and we just vibe really well. We have a good time bouncing ideas off each other and challenging each others ideas.

How has your previous musical background have influence this new solo project?

My previous musical background has given me a lot of experience to pursue my new solo project and it has also showed me that it was possible. Before joining my previous band Nylon Pink, I was a seventeen year old solo drum performer booking shows on my own and jamming to top 40’s. In fact, that is how I was discovered by Nylon Pink. When being a part of Nylon Pink, they always gave me a part of the performance. Depending on the show, I would get one or two songs of just me on stage doing my own drum remixes to whatever songs I chose to play and it was always a crowd hyper.

What drew you to seek for a new direction?

I have always had thoughts about doing a solo drum project, but I guess I was a little unsure on how I could make it work. After parting ways with Nylon Pink, I took a couple years off deciding if I should continue doing music and if I did, what direction would I want to go in? I tried a few bands, thought about joining other artist’s tours as their drummer and then came back to maybe just finally doing my own thing. I then realized, “why not?”. It was a chance to do what I love, the way I want, where I can express myself and do something different.

What aspects of love and equality did you get to explore on this album?

The album Echosphere gives a lot of visibility to equality from the lyrics to the videos. I am a strong believer of equality and a big supporter of the LGBT community. In my first and latest music video for my single Real, I show two females (one of them being me) together. As you watch my music videos as they release, it will start to make more and more sense on how it all ties together.

Any plans to hit the road?

I definitely have plans to hit the road early 2017 after my album releases. Although, I have much more music release plans following my album, I will be playing shows as much as I possibly can. I’ll be sure to announce updates as soon as possible!

What else is happening next in Jamie Scoles’ world?

As far as I can announce right now, you can expect the full Echosphere album as well as the music videos for each song to follow. Beginning of 2017, I will have a lot of exciting announcements on what is coming. This album is only the beginning of it all!

Watch here.

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