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Kove Creates More “Nightfires” With Brand New EP

With the dust still settling from the release of “Nightfires Vol.1”, UK dance producer Kove has now stepped up with the second edition in his self-made series. The project is designed to showcase his finest, most creative work, and this EP moves through different genres in typical Kove style.

“Nightfires Vol.2” sees inspiration from a theme that sits outside dance music, with James Rockhill saying, ““I wanted to take inspiration from my rock roots, trying to play as many parts as possible on the guitar or bass, and bringing more aggression into the tunes. I’ve also tried to branch out lyrically, incorporating some darker themes.” 

The growling, guitar hooks of “Bring Me Life” ft. Jonny Fears has to be our favourite, and it drips with atmospheric tension from the get-go. It would sound incredible on a massive festival stage, and we’re sure Kove has road-tested it this summer. For the house heads, look no further than the closing “L.Y.L”, packed with funked out, darkly groovy riffs and contrasted by feel-good vocal licks.

“Nightfires Vol.2” can be picked up here.

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