Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Can You See Me”?

Wylie: The song is about feeling invisible to the person who matters to you the most.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Wylie: I had been through a tumultuous relationship that ended in a very bad way. As time went on and I was able to gain some perspective on the  situation I felt the need to write it down. It ended up coming out as a sort of kiss-off to those who underestimate you.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Wylie: Yes, we will be putting out a video for the single closer to November when the full album drops.

The single comes off your new album Feel Free – what’s the story behind the title?

Nick: Feel Free comes from a state of mind that we tried to keep throughout the process of making this record. We wanted to cultivate a creative space where there were no bad ideas. Each of us should be free to explore any idea that comes to mind, chase that idea to it’s greatest potential, and then make a judgement on whether or not it fits the vibe the song calls for.

How was the recording and writing process?

Nick: Writing and recording varied widely from song to song. Some songs were brought in as fully realized ideas that we arranged and recorded. Others started from one of us bringing in the thread of an idea, a snippet of a melody or a single lyric, that we would construct a song around. Sometimes the idea we brought in would lead us down the path to other ideas that were better than the original so the original idea was thrown in the trash. Being able to trash ideas in which we had invested work proved to be one of our greatest strengths and led us to better material in the long run.

What role does 70s play in your album?

Wylie: I assume you mean music from the 70s. Before this band we both led bands that were inspired by rock and soul music from the 70’s.  Wild Fur was an intentional side-step from that. For this project we took our favorite parts of narrative songwriting and combined them with elements we love about all kinds of music, anything from 90’s hip hop and 80’s synth pop to modern day pop production.

What aspects of freedom did you get to explore on this album?

Wylie: Mostly the freedom to follow whatever musical or lyrical idea caught our attention. To be unconcerned about what musical box we might fit into and express ourselves in the most true way we could.

Nick: We tried to chase common topics of love, consumption, and motivation down uncommon avenues. A song like “Floating in Style” while still a love song dives deeper than the beating of one’s heart to a more real-world narrative of holding your partner up through difficult times.

Another freedom we explored was in changing the way we wrote songs. Previously, being inspired by 70’s singer songwriters led me to writing songs with a guitar in hand. For these Wild Fur songs, many of them started at the drums, trying to find a groove that I thought was cool, then adding a bass with no prior thought given to a chord progression, just looking for something that worked with the drum groove. Once a chord structure was defined by the bass, guitar or keys were added to give it some vibe, and at that point we could start to meditate on the vamp and let melodies and lyric ideas start to surface. That approach was an inversion of any way I’d written songs before and it allowed ideas to surface that we never would have found with the old approach.

Any plans to hit the road?

Wylie: We’ll be doing a short Northeast tour this fall after our album release show in North Carolina. Then touring the Southeast and Midwest in the spring.

What else is happening next in Wild Fur’s world?

Nick: We’re releasing our debut album on November 4. We’ll be hitting the road in November. After that we’re going to break for a few months to finish writing our second record which we’re halfway through at this point. In early 2017 we’ll be back out on the road in support of “Feel Free” and plan to hit the studio to record our second album in the spring.

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