INTERVIEW: Steve of Music Launch Summit

Hi Steve, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Busy! I’m writing this at a beautiful 1am in Aus. Think I’m living in US time these days!

We all love music, but only a few got a passion – what draw you into this art?

Music was my gateway drug to friends & self-confidence. It was one of the first things I really put my all into. When I fixate on something it takes a lot to make me stop working at it. Guitar was my first big experience of that. But it taught me that you can fit through barriers to experience feelings like nothing else. There is nothing quite like the joy of playing live J

Take us behind the pre-production for this conference – how did you come up with the idea?

The concept for the structure of it came from outside the music industry, but the core concept, that happened on a Bullet Train in Japan. I was listening to Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and reflecting on my life and career. It was all sparked from a desire to bring the music industry closer together while helping musicians finally get some wins.

Festivals and conferences like this are always put together because producers see a need – was that the case with you as well or it’s there another reason?

100%! I discovered the need being an indie artist and have these exact needs! I discovered a love for marketing around the age of 21 when I realized marketing isn’t a business concept it’s a human to human concept. It’s about improving people’s lives, if we do it right. So yeah, I wanted to create something where everybody wins. Speakers get to talk about what they love and artists get to learn about what they want to learn about. There’s problem solving on every angle of the concept through to pulling it off!

Getting people to take some time to jump in and speak is pretty hard – did you handpick this speakers or how did they come on board? Were you always looking for a particular group of people or did they were randomly chosen?

All hand picked because I knew they’d have something great to bring to the table in different ways. And honestly not everyone that I know would be amazing is here. My initial list was around 120 people or more and I’ve still invited people who I discovered further along. So many different factors played into the lineup, that’s definitely part of the charm. No matter how much you plan, you still have to go with a little bit of right place, right time to pull something like this off so quickly.

Has there been any challenges?

Every minute. I love getting all the feedback from people who are impressed on the front end. I’m pulling 18-hour days to make this happen at the moment. That doesn’t even begin to cover how hard this has been. I’d never interviewed anyone before this, I’d moderated a panel and had a few public speaking gigs. So even from day one, it’s been a huge learning curve.

How can people enjoy the conference?

Pick something they want to learn about and choose one session around that. Many are trying to consume it all, which is awesome. But I think start with one. There’s a recurring theme there that a keen eye will pick up on, throughout the entire event.

Is this aim for a particular group of people?

Independent musicians who want to build a career on their own terms and independent music professionals who want to help said musician win. It’s my hope that I can help the next generation of the industry shape their industry the way they want it.

Are you hoping for audience to leave with any knowledge in particular?

That we’re all in this together and that their actions define their result. Learning is great but this is here to help people get out there and try something new. The more we get our hands dirty the better our results are.

What else is happening next in Music Launch Summit’s world?

The Facebook Group exists 24/7/365 – we’ll be continuing to support each other through our experiences. The rest of the year will be spent very closely with the VIP pass holders, we’re doing a group training in November where everyone will choose one thing to launch and I’ll help them throw it out into the world. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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