INTERVIEW: Lucinda Belle

Hi Lucinda, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’m keeping well, doing lots of travelling between Europe and the USA.

Can you tell us more about your cover for Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”?

It came about after fans said they wanted to hear ‘ more harp’ so I decided to turn this dark song into a Lullaby. I fell in love with the combination of retro guitar sound with harp and MGM type angelic choir in the distance. I enjoyed turning the song on it’s head and delivering a beautiful expression of it.

What went on behind the scenes of the making of the video?

Well… the phrase’ the show must go on’ comes to mind. When we arrive for early morning call. studio was locked. All crew and makeup/ hair / stylist were waiting, and no props had arrived either.  We had to re paint the floor white! and wait for it to dry before getting on with the filming. Everyone was in great spirits despite set backs and we all pulled our weight. and spend lots of time throughout the day…. putting tape on and off our shoes to keep the floor clean. We made the video on a shoe string budget and that was thanks to Knickerbocker Glory who did a great job and Viktor Csigas who was a great DOP. Not forgetting of course TomislavBenzon my guitarist who came in from Serbia for the video with his girlfriend who was unofficial wardrobe, photographer and catering!

The single comes off your new album Urban Lullabies – what’s the story behind the title? 

Simple – Urban songs done in a lullaby way.

How did you choose which songs to cover – were they randomly chosen or you were seeking specific things in the tracks you wanted to cover?

The first thing I always look for when choosing a cover song is melody. Melody is key, I can’t work without an interesting melody. Second thing is the challenge of completely transforming a song into so much of your own style that it’s almost a new song, and finally, artists and genres that I admire. Nirvana.. need I say more.. John Mayer… What an artist! TI – at the time I wasn’t that familiar with his work but I researched him thoroughly and loved his lyrics and he’s the real deal. thought it would interesting for an English Artist with my background to sing his lyrics and classify the whole hip hop rap. Candy – I love Paulo Nutini.

How was the recording process for the songs?

Tristen Ivemy produced the EP and we did it in David Gray’s studio in Crouch End in ‘The Church’ .Theres was a lot of time spent on arrangements before recording. Then stringers doubling up on strings, guitarist and bass player,, one by one we had the musicians come in. It was a therapeutic time for me making the EP , I was going through a break up and my EP was a great thing to sink my teeth into.

How has your classical background influenced your new music?

My classical background informs my music in subtle ways. An example is the intro to’Smells like Teen spirit’ was informed by a musical interlude in Verdi’s La Traviata ‘E Strano’ whenever I play it this is what I hear in my mind.

Do you take a different approach when you are writing or collaborating with someone else, than when you are writing for yourself?

It’s more fun collaborating and I enjoy it very much. When I write alone I’d say it’s a slightly more free experience,,, more drawn out process.. I return to the same idea consistently over long periods or short periods of time whereas when I’m collaborating the process tends to be a little more structured.

Any plans to hit the road?

Most definitely! Expect to see me hit the festivals next year in the USA

What else is happening next in Lucinda Belle’s world?

I’d say the most important thing happnin in my world is that I’m heading over to the US of A, leaving my London roots in my tracks and embracing all things American, apart from Grits and candied vegatables. Hello America get ready for me cos here I come…

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  1. Lucinda sings like an angel. I enjoy her songs. We will miss her.

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