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Hi Peter, welcome to Vents! How have you been?

Hi guys, I’m happy to be doing this!  All good with me, I had a crazy labor day weekend driving all over the Northeast for a couple gigs and squeezing in seeing Kanye in Boston which was incredible.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Denial”?

“Denial” is a song that took me awhile to make.  I came up with the music about two years ago. I had these chords in my head and thought it would be cool to have a pretty pop hook with a lot more interesting chords underneath than you would normally hear in this kind of song.  I couldn’t figure out what the music was calling for me to say lyrically, but I finally had the idea for the title being “Denial,” and that helped give me an idea to form the lyrics around.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Some songs I write come super quick based on a particular event, while others take a lot longer to formulate.  Since this one took awhile to come together, I think it was working with the title “Denial” as an interesting way to describe a relationship, and it was the combination of trying to build a song around that title / idea tied into personal experience that brought about the song.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

I would love to but haven’t really lined anything up.  Right now I’m just putting out new music and seeing how people respond to what I’ve been working on.  I just did my first music video for another single I recently put out, “Sweet Solitude,” and I learned through that how much work goes into making a video.  Plus there’s this thing called money that unfortunately exists, and can be a deterrent to things such as music videos.  So we’ll see how everything shakes out in the next couple of months.

The single comes off your new EP – how was the recording and writing process?

This EP was completely self-written, produced, and mixed which is the first time I’ve tried something like that.  About two years ago I got serious about music production as I wanted to really focus on making something that was completely me, without the influence of anybody else.  I really tried to make an EP that isn’t just a collection of my “best” songs but is a cohesive body of work that has an arc to it and is something you can sit down and listen through completely.  I’m an old soul in a sense that I love albums and love the creative process of coming up with a unified body of work.  I hope when the EP comes out in a couple weeks that people will get the sense of a completed idea and not just a bunch of singles I threw together.

What role does Brooklyn play in your music?

Hmm that’s something that I’ve never really thought about before.  Living in New York City the past 6 years has definitely had an impact on the way I write and the music I make.  I think I draw as much from where I live as from the age I’m at, and the feeling of restlessness most people in their early to mid twenties feel.  I think this terribly fantastic city I live in definitely brings out the highs and lows in those feelings.

What aspect of love and relationships did you get to explore with this record?

Well, I hate talking about relationships, which is incredibly convenient when I write songs predominantly about relationships… but I guess I’ll answer in a broad way by saying I was exploring this strange time of being in your early twenties where in your head you thought you’d be this mature adult who has it all figured out – when the reality is far from that – and the overall struggle with readjusting the timeline that we all make about where we think we’ll be at certain ages and certain times in our life.  Shout out to all the English teachers I had who never got through to me about run-on sentences and the mixing of personal pronouns.

Any plans to hit the road?

I just got back from playing at Penn State Behrend in Eerie Pennsylvania which was super fun, and have a bunch of upcoming shows in NYC as well as my first LA show on October 10th at Hotel Cafe and other shows to be announced in Pennsylvania and Boston.  You can find all my upcoming shows on my website: http://www.peterwisemusic.com/

What else is happening next in Peter Wise’s world?

Well, I’m half musician, half masshole sports bro, so I’m extremely excited for the upcoming football season even though I won’t get to watch the greatest human being on planet earth (Tom Brady) for the first chunk of the season.  In a more related note, I’m putting the finishing touches on my long time coming EP due out at the end of September.  If you’re in the NYC area, I’ll be having my release show on Friday September 30th at Bowery Electric, 7:30pm, so I’d love to see you there!

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