Hello Jack, welcome on Vents’s pages, let’s start right away with your presentation for foreign readers. Who is Mr. Jack, where does your passion for music and where it is leading you ?

J: Hello to you , thank you for inviting me, well I’m a big fan of rock music, I love teaching and I love discovering new things always, in fact, recently I entered a new musical world that is fascinating to me very much. My passion for music started when I was 6, I’ve always loved to sing and play and surely will continue to cultivate this passion . The music is taking me more and to discover new things and to create a beautiful career of which I am really proud at most ! Being able to obtain great satisfaction with their musical commitment I think is the most amazing thing in the world!

Your experimental solo project, “Dark Possession” what is exactly? 

J: Well, “Dark Possession” is a very personal project, in the sense that being a big fan of the horror genre, I wanted to include in the record all my terror emotions that have always fascinated me and be able to create the atmosphere that horror creates a film at the cinema type, that enter the interior of people with music and create within them the suspense, the anxiety they feel just seeing a horror movie.  The album will be released online on digital platforms on Halloween, a good day to an album that contains songs horror.

How much of dark / goth contain this record? We associate to hard rock, there will be a place for this kind? 

J: Inside the album, there will be certainly different dark / goth shades, will be a mixture of the dark, gothic, horror music etc. Album itself will be nothing of hard rock, but in the future never say never

How much of introspective in this work you’ve accomplished? 

J: I think so, we say that in some cases composing some traces perhaps not that I felt something inside, but I think I’ve definitely thought back to some phobias that I had as a boy while watching horror movies surely, was a subspecies meet with myself remembering some fears of the past.  As your musical background has had a part in this your new job? J: Let’s say that for this work I put the first and created everything from scratch, new ideas, new music, new experience, new adventure. That’s the beauty of music, that you never stop to try and create new emotions and experiences.

Usually your music from what born? What inspires you the most? Sudden or come into the studio with a clear idea of what you will need to register? 

J: It depends, sometimes I go into the studio with ideas already in mind and then I start to play them, and adjust according to a logical scheme, while sometimes happen to see me playing in the studio and out beautiful melodies so by chance and stop them all, you realize you and you put in work.

In your opinion, how the digital era has changed the way we do and listen to music? Surely with internet a musician, however, it is easily accessible in your opinion, you have not missed something along the way? 

J: For me it has lost so much, as I always say the Internet has its 50% positive and its 50% negative, positive musically is great to give musicians opportunities to make themselves known, be heard etc., while on the other part of creating such a dependence keep up to the point of no longer even go to a concert (so I see online), or there is not even the wait of listening to a new album of his own band heart, so now you can find someone who fits the songs illegally or in other ways, and then you totally ruined the atmosphere that once existed, so there have been so many changes in my opinion.

What do you expect from this album? I mean the reaction of the public and the media. 

J: I hope there is a positive reaction (is what I would tell anyone), I hope that the public remains fascinated by the album and able to catapult himself into the horror scene listening to each track one after the other, because it is what I wanted to create, even for the media i hope there is a good feedback, for the moment we cross your fingers and wait for October 31 !!!!

You want to say something to the readers of Vents? Maybe something I have not asked you and you would like it to be known? 

J: First of all hi to all Vents’ s readers! Well, what I would like them to know… First of all, I’m putting my all and all my musical passion on this record. For me it is a brand new musical experience, it is hard work because I’m doing it all alone and it is not easy but it is thanks to people like you would want from the position to move forward, and I cannot help but thank you all! Thank you very much again for the invitation to all the Vents’ s staff !

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