INTERVIEW: Sandra Ventura

How are you doing?

I’m doing alright, thank you.

Could you tell us a little bit about your single Skin?

“Skin” is obviously about feelings, I should say it’s about some kind of heartbroken love.  Usually everyone asks me why this single is called “Skin”, well to know the answer you need to listen to it and focus on lyrics. The title sometimes doesn’t tell the whole meaning of what it is about. I wanted to tell to people who listen to my music, the story of a person who once was so faithful to what she felt, so that she always tried to melt her lover’s heart, get his attention, so he could change his mind.

Who has written “Skin”?

Skin – will always be something special to me. The whole process of writing this song has been followed by a lot of sad, tough moments in my life, which I described in this song. I think I can still relate to these lyrics. Well, of course I wrote this song. It was very important to me to share my feelings, my emotions, to tell my story, because I knew that there will be someone, who will probably relate to it as well. Everyone has a person in their life, which makes you feel something, after what you want to create… no matter if what you feel is hurting you or making you happy. Speaking of that, my first single ‘ Picture Frame’ has been written the same way.

Do you plan on shooting a music video for this song?

There was a moment I felt like I should, I even had an idea. Im not really confident enough in making a music video for ‘Skin’  right now. I think it’s a little bit early to discuss that –  Skin has been only released.

This single has a few names,how did it happen?

Well It turned out a little bit hard for me to choose the name for this song. What I wanted it to be called was Skin. But after it was released, I understood that I should have came up with something different. I’m not directly singing about skin, I mean. I sing about a person who is able to love, to feel all of that inside them, to get through emotions.  I’ve discussed another names for this song, so we came up with another one, and it was ‘ It’s hard to believe’ . The other name fits it better, I think, and It works better for radio stations as well.

Which music genre you would want to choose to work with?

I work on it right now, I’m trying to find what’s close to me. I think alternative pop and electro indie, would be my top ones.

When should we expect your new songs come out?

Actually, I’m working on something right now, so I think it will be very soon. This single is way different from Picture Frame and Skin, it’s also a new genre for me. You will be able to find about the release date somewhere on my social media profiles, or on my official cite.

What are your plans for the upcoming months?

I plan to work on my music, of course.  I will probably spend a lot of time in the studio, have a lot of rehearsals. I have some upcoming shows in September as well.  I try, and I want to give my all to what I do, what I will be doing for developing my music career.

Sandra Ventura – is a nickname or a real name?

Ventura was taken as a nickname, some years ago when I lived in US. This word means  ‘fortune’ , ‘luck’ from Spanish and Portuguese languages, that’s why I wanted to use it. Well, Sandra is of course my real name, and I’m good with it.

Listen here.

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