VENTS-Hi Eric, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

EBLAZE-Hey! I am doing great! Thanks so much for your interest and the opportunity.

VENTS- Can you talk to us more about your latest single “90 Minutes”?

EBLAZE-90 minutes is designed to be the new soccer anthem. If your a soccer fan you will know that a soccer game is 90 minutes long. So we based the song around that and made it the hook .While recording 90 minutes we realized that it was much more than just a custom soccer song but a song also about life and very motivating. We planned for the song to be upbeat, but it sort of took on a life of its own . Everyone says they love how it gets them pumped up. They love to listen to it before games and while working out.  It was probably the most fun song i ever recorded and probably one of my favorites. ” You got 90 minutes to change your Life!!!!”

VENTS-Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

EBLAZE-It’s actually a really cool story. I was doing some work with Jared Sagal from Rockerrazzifilmz. We were Doing some video work and producing “Get it Together “. After Jared seen my style and energy he said that he has had this idea for a soccer song. But he envisioned it more like an 8 mile ”Loose Yourself” Eminem style song.  His music style is more of the rock genre and said he thought i was the one to pull it off. So we started brainstorming and came up with the “90 minutes ” concept. Then we started writing it. Jared being an ex pro soccer player had great insight   into soccer terminology . I love to write custom , theme, songs , so I really got into soccer mode and tried to really speak the language.  We bounced ideas off of each other until we had a great structure laid down. I then made a beat and laid down some vocals.  Then we brought in producer Niles Thomas to really capture the feel of the song. We wanted the song to be driven by the vocals  , so he built the beat around them.  Once we heard the track we were like ” its on!!!” Lol and we were ready to lay the vocals down. So Went out to LA and we hit the studio. Like i said it was super fun to record and we had a blast doing it.  From there we added live drums and started mixing.  I think we ended up with a really kick ass track. Im very proud of “90 minutes “

VENTS- How was the film experience?

EBLAZE- Making the vid was just as fun as recording it. We obviously found tons of extreme soccer clips. We wanted it to have intense energy. So when it came to my parts i really had to bring it. Part of the vid was actually recorded while i was in the studio laying down the vocals. I think the vid really helps show the energy of the song and definitely gets you pumped up!!!! ” You got 90 minutes, Its time for War!!!!”

VENTS -The single comes off your new album American God – what’s the story behind the title?

EBLAZE- American God is one of the other singles on the EP.  After the album was done , I started to think of what the title should be. American God just really stuck out. Its such a bold title. It could have so many different meanings . I think ” American God” is just thought provoking. What does it make you think?? Does he think he is the American God???? How dare he! Lol  The song itself is very intense and basically referencing America as being a god, a God that has so much power. Power that could change the world , if it wanted to. I think a general break down of my vision for the song, was based around the idea that there is so much wealth in America, and around the world. That there should be no reason why any human being doesnt have food, shoes or shelter. Why can there be so many people with so much, and there be people around the world starving?   If I was “GOD” , that would never happen….

VENTS- How was the recording and writing process?

EBLAZE- Most artists will say that there isnt just one way they write . Sometimes it starts with a beat, sometimes a hook, sometimes a rhythm, an idea, a lyric . Sometimes I build songs around a beat, sometimes I build a beat around the lyrics. Its all about the feel and the natural flow of creativity. Once you have a structure you can start to get more musically technical.  This album was recorded in exactly all of those ways. Music built around lyrics, lyrics written to music, a song built around a hook.  An idea made into a song you can feel. This album felt so natural. It all just seemed to come together so smooth. All of the songs were produced by Niles Thomas.  While recording 90 minutes, we started calling him “DOC” lol in reference that he was Dr Dre and I was Eminem. Lol We become what we think about. So think BIG!!!!!

VENTS- How has your upbringing have influence you as a musician?

EBLAZE- Wow. My upbringing has everything to do with my musical influence. Im not going to say i had the worst upbringing,  but it wasnt the best either. I was raised by a single mother. I witnessed and experienced physical, mental and emotional abuse. Left home at 16.Experimented with drugs. Pretty much headed in the direction of a train wreck! Lol My trials and tribulations molded the way i see things and that is directly expressed in my music.  E-BLAZE was created for a reason. To be a bad Mofothat no on can [email protected] with!!! Lol !!!! Sort of like a protector of sorts…

VENTS- What role does Detroit plays in your music?

EBLAZE- Detroit has a huge influence on my music. I love all artist from Detroit. And listen to them all all the time. Kid Rock, Eminem. Bob Segar. Alice Cooper, Ted Nugget. ICP.Esham. Aretha, Mo town . I think you can hear the Detroit influence in some of my music for sure. Ive lived in NM since 2000 but I will always represent Detroit as my home. Its in my blood.  Even though my blood is too thin for the cold ass winters now !!! Lol

VENTS- What adversities get to inspire the lyrics on this record?

EBLAZE- I think that all of my difficulties in my life inspire my lyrics . I write a lot from a dark warped place. Its like therapy. A way to get it all out. The track ” Get it Together ” is all about adversities. The opening line says” Im searching for my Soul, I think I Lost it. All these bad mistakes, are getting very costly…”  I think when I wrote the song it was like I was finally acknowledging that my actions and choices had directly affected my life. And if i wanted something different, that i would need to do something different. Unfortunately sometimes we seem to want to learn things the hard way. I think I’m getting better, but still learning lol !!!!

VENTS- Any plans to hit the road? 

EBLAZE- We are looking at doing some small tours most likely in the southwest area to start. Going to try to get on the bill on some music festivals. A big brand new tour bus would definitely motivate me lol . Think Big !!!!!!

VENTS- What else is happening next in Eric Blaze’s world?

EBLAZE- I have a few videos in the works. Of course always writing new material.Collaborations. My goal is to get a publishing deal. Its always been my dream to write music for movies. Growing as an artist, learning new things. Sell 10 billion copies of American God ! And retire on a tropical island and play golf everyday…

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